An APA Format Thesis: General Writing Guidelines

apa format thesisMaybe, you knew it from the very beginning that writing a thesis using APA format will not be easy. Now, when you are working on the project, you can make sure that it is really so.
Yes, we agree that all those APA thesis rules and requirements are boring and really annoying. Still, they help to prepare an accurate and a perfectly organized paper. Besides, your ability to follow all the rules is extremely important if you want to publish a thesis (and you certainly will!). Publishers do not accept APA format theses where official rules are violated.
So, better get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions, find the latest edition of the APA style manual, and start learning the rules of APA thesis writing. By the way, sample APA theses will also be very useful.
Below, we have listed general guidelines for writing a thesis using APA format.
Mind your references
Always keep track of your references and make sure that each one is in its right place. Improperly organized references may be the cause of discrediting your APA format thesis.
Abbreviations in APA thesis format
Professors are usually very strict when it comes to using abbreviations in APA format theses. Remember the following rules:

  • If some abbreviation appears for the first time in your APA format thesis, you need to explain it.
  • Commonly used abbreviations do not require explanations.
  • Do not use an apostrophe in your APA thesis when you make plurals from abbreviations, e.g.

PhDs not PhD’s.
Capitalization in your APA format thesis
The general rule about capitalization says that you can capitalize terms in your APA thesis, which are very specific, e.g. you may say Roaring Twenties.
Certainly, these are not all rules you should know. So, get the manual. On our blog, you can also find general guidelines for writing an MLA dissertation.