A Postgraduate Thesis/Dissertation: The Longest Piece of Writing

postgraduate thesis or dissertationThe only idea that such a huge project as a postgraduate thesis or dissertation should be prepared makes almost all postgraduate students feel nervous and depressed. Obviously, you are one of them and have no idea how to cope with your postgraduate thesis or dissertation.
Well, we should say that although a postgraduate thesis/dissertation is really the longest project in your academic life, sooner or later you will manage to finish it, just like hundreds of other students.
Unfortunately, we cannot touch upon every single aspect of postgraduate thesis/dissertation writing. However, in this article, we will cover the most important things one should keep in mind.
When and how should you start working on your postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
The answer seems to be obvious. Start as soon as you can, because it will take much longer than you expect. Besides, it will not be a problem if you finish the project earlier.
The cleverest way to start working on the postgraduate thesis/dissertation is to find several samples and study them carefully.
How should I organize my postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
There is no universal structure for organizing postgraduate theses or dissertations, because rules vary. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult your advisor on the correct organization of your postgraduate thesis/dissertation.
Yet, as practice shows, almost all projects are organized according to the following structure:

  1. Title page;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Table of contents;
  4. Chapters;
  5. Bibliography;
  6. Appendices.

Quick tips for writing postgraduate theses and dissertations

  • Write your chapters as you do the work. For instance, make a literature review if you have read all necessary literature.
  • Make the first draft of your postgraduate thesis/dissertation as soon as possible. It is a good sign that your project is progressing.
  • Always share your writing with someone. You can get feedbacks, comments, thus, hints on how to improve your project.

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