How to Write a Good Research Paper: Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind

how to write a good research paperAre you sure you know how to write a good research paper? Most probably, you know how to prepare a research paper, but do not actually know how to make a good one. At least, we know that this happens to many students. They think they know how to write good research papers, but in reality, their papers are far from ideal.
We suggest you check right now whether you know how to write a good research paper. Check top 3 things one should keep in mind about good research papers.
How to write a good research paper: picking a topic idea
Coming up with a good research paper idea is always challenging. You have heard many times that a topic should be of great interest to you, and it is one of the main keys to success. Yet, sometimes this rule does not work, and you spend hours trying to decide on a topic.
We have a bit different rule for you – be ambitious when picking topics. It means you can:

  • choose a new problem for discussion and be the first to suggest solutions;
  • touch upon something that no one else has tried to explain;
  • improve something that has already been done.

How to write a good research paper: asking questions
Before you get down to writing, answer the following questions, which will help you define whether you are on the right way.

  1. What major point are you going to make? What is your purpose of writing this paper?
  2. Why should someone spend time on reading your paper?
  3. Has your point been discussed before? How your research will be different from other studies?

How to write a good research paper: checking the content
A good research paper should have the following important elements:

  • an intriguing, catchy introduction that “sells” your paper;
  • a clear, precise statement of what you intend to do, what your contribution will be;
  • a literature review;
  • a number of experimental evidences;
  • a detailed discussion of your findings.

These are just a few prompts on how to write good research papers. Read our next article if you want to learn how to write good research paper references.