Thesis or Dissertation Extension: If You Fail to Meet the Deadline

thesis or dissertation extensionWhen you made the final decision to write a dissertation or thesis, you should have been informed on the final date of its submission or the deadline. This is a common practice; otherwise, completing such projects might take years.
Setting up schedules according to the deadline is another common practice for thesis and dissertation writers. If you have a detailed plan of your work, it is much easier to finish everything on time.
However, for some students even such plans and schedules do not work, and they finally face a situation when they need thesis or dissertation extension. We should say it is not the most pleasant situation you can face, because getting thesis or dissertation extension is not easy.
First, this procedure has many formal rules. Second, you need to have really good reasons to ask for thesis or dissertation extension. Why? Because if you do not have good explanations, it just means you did not work hard. You knew about the deadline and the importance of this project, but did not invest enough efforts to finish it on time.
Anyway, now you want to know how to get this thesis or dissertation extension. We offer you general rules, since the procedure of getting thesis or dissertation extension may vary.

  1. There are several official documents you have to complete and submit to get your dissertation or thesis extension. In some institutions, they are called as follows:
    • Special Circumstances Form
    • Thesis/Dissertation Extension to Deadline Form
  2. Reasons that are considered to be solid for providing thesis or dissertation extension may be some medical problems or special personal problems, e.g. problems at the workplace if you have a job.
  3. You should ask for thesis or dissertation extension as early as possible before the deadline.

So, do not be late with your project! On our blog, you can always find free dissertation guidelines and thesis ideas.