A Film Studies Dissertation: How to Come up with a Topic and Carry out Research

film studies dissertationAlthough writing a thesis or dissertation is one of the most challenging academic experiences, we are sure that you will like working on a dissertation or thesis in film studies.
The world of cinematography is exciting and multifaceted, which will definitely make your experience of writing the film studies dissertation unique. However, you will also face the same difficulties as all other dissertation writers. You will have to take some typical steps that are necessary to end up with a successful project.
We want to discuss some of these steps right now, particularly choosing topics for dissertations in film studies, organizing, and conducting research.
How to come up with a great topic idea for a film studies dissertation
Selecting a topic for your dissertation in film studies might be one of the most difficult choices to make. Sure, you can go an easy way and choose something from the list of dissertation topics provided by an advisor.
Yet, we are sure that working on your film studies dissertation will be more fascinating if you investigate the topic of your own choice. Thus, take time and think about the following:

  • your favorite movies;
  • favorite film genres;
  • favorite directors and actors, etc.

All these items can be transformed into a great topic for your film studies dissertation.
How to carry out research for a film studies dissertation
After you decide on a topic, start thinking about the most helpful sources needed to cover it: books, newspaper and journal articles, movie reviews, online resources, etc. Let us briefly remind you the main rules of organizing dissertation research and searching for useful sources in library catalogues.

  1. If you want to find books with valuable information for your film studies dissertation, use the Author and Keyword method.
  2. If you are looking for journal articles, search by a journal title, not by an article title.
  3. If you need to find a certain movie, try searching by its title and keywords.

So, good luck with your film dissertations!