A Thesis Abstract: This Is What They Will Read First

abstract thesisSome students think that a thesis introduction is the first chapter to be read in their projects. Others think that conclusions and findings are usually read first. Probably, we will disappoint you if we say that an abstract in a thesis is what the committee and everybody else read first.
You may wonder why an abstract in a thesis plays such an important role, not an introduction or conclusions. Well, everything is simple. The thing is that an abstract in a thesis covers all those things you talk about in the introductory, concluding, and some other paragraphs in a very concise and clear fashion. So, we suppose you definitely need more info about how to write an abstract in a thesis.
The gist of a thesis abstract
In a few words, an abstract in a thesis can be defined as a summary of your project. It explains the scope of your work, the depth of your research, the significance of your findings. These are specific points that should be covered in your thesis abstract:

  • your research question;
  • research methods;
  • results of your work.

How long thesis abstracts should be
300 words is the average length of a thesis abstract. In some institutions, they allow to make abstracts no longer than 500 words. Anyway, it is an aspect that you should clarify with your advisor.
Special things to keep in mind about thesis abstracts
Many students wonder how detailed an abstract in a thesis should be. After all, the word limit does not allow giving too many details. Providing citations in your abstract is a good way out.
Special key words are another important thing you should keep in mind. 99% that your thesis abstract appears in electronic databases. Key words make it easier for other people to find your project.
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