Media Studies Courseworks: For Creative Students Only

media studies courseworkSure, if you take the media studies course, you will have to prepare a coursework no matter how creative you are. However, if you are a creative person, working on your media studies coursework will be twice easier and fascinating. So, what category of students do you belong to?
If you cannot boast about your creativity, you have nothing to do but write rather a standard media studies coursework devoted to some trivial issues. What are they? Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from:

  • music industry;
  • film industry;
  • advertising;
  • presentation of some acute problems in the media;
  • ideology of the modern mass media.

This list of topics for media studies courseworks is rather long. Yet, they are all about theory, which can hardly turn your media studies coursework into exciting reading for a teacher. Then, what should you do? What is the way to impress your teacher and write the best media studies coursework in your class?
Well, it is pretty simple. All you have to do is become a “part” of music industry/film industry/advertising/whatever you choose for a while. What we are talking about is that you will have to create your own piece of media as a part of your media studies coursework, e.g.:

  1. your own ad;
  2. a music/fashion magazine;
  3. a movie trailer;
  4. a cover for a CD of your favorite music band, etc.

In other words, your media studies coursework should be something more than just a paper with necessary chapters and theoretical filling. You have to demonstrate your understanding of the subject and knowledge in practice. Good luck with your media studies courseworks! Also, read about a coursework on fashion.