Technical Papers: Learn More How to Improve Your Writing!

Technical papers are fascinating researches which you obtain from the bowels of your mind for the good of the humanity. Do you think it is an exaggeration? Well, then you are a very timid technical paper writer.
Technical papers are very precise and, so to say, calculations oriented. Many researchers (especially novices) erroneously think that the main thing is to make a good research, and writing a technical paper is a secondary task. But you should remember that it is your technical paper which tells the public about your research, and poor academic writing may lead to miscomprehension of the research results. So, even if you have already written several technical papers it can be interesting for you to read two following tips.
Be readers oriented. You should remember that your technical paper reveals the results of your really important research. You already know the results and the whole process; you need to make the readers aware of your research. Remember you write for readers not for yourself! Thus, while writing your technical paper put yourself in the readers’ place and explain things which can be unclear to your readers. Avoid mentioning things that can distract the reader from the important things. Make your writing precise and clear!
Include figures. Do not forget that it is a technical paper which needs figures, tables, graphs, and numbers. It will be easier for reader to perceive the information if you put calculations and different illustrations of your ideas. Besides, it will be more convenient for you and the readers if you name all of your tables and graphs and figures with the same word “Figures” with subsequent numbers. It will be clearer where to find the necessary information rather than seek for tables and figures through the entire paper.