Social Work Dissertation: Tips for Writing Exceptional Dissertations through Research

Are you having trouble writing a social work dissertation? Is conducting social work dissertation research turning into one big nightmare? If your answer is ‘yes’ to both questions then this page has all the information you need.
Social work dissertations are formal documents designed to evaluate social justice, evaluate the standard of living, and offer recommendations on social aspects that need improvement. Due to the expansive nature of social welfare, social work is normally divided into child welfare, welfare for the poor and needy, social health and senior citizens welfare.
Writing a social work dissertation can therefore be an understandably tiresome task especially when it comes to conducting research. Depending on your specialty, social work dissertation topic and academic level, the research in social work dissertations can be conducted within a week or can take months. Below are some tips on how to conduct comprehensive research in which solid evidence can be derived.

  1. To get accurate data on social health such as acute and chronic conditions, disease spread and prevention etc, it is prudent to visit health institutions such as hospitals and local clinics. Request for the number of patients suffering from a predetermined condition and the treatment administered using a close-ended questionnaire.
  2. If the social work dissertation requires you to research on child welfare, you can visit children homes and social services to get pertinent information. A close-ended questionnaire would be sufficient but use of telephone interviews would also be efficient.
  3. For research on the elderly, you can access information primarily from elderly homes. Questionnaires or interviews of the staff and the elderly could provide the relevant data needed for the social work dissertation.
  4. An excellent source of information for your social work dissertation relating to the poor is the social services food aid program records which keep a list of all the poor people receiving food aid.

There are other important and current sources of information for your social work dissertation research such as journals, books and websites such as the CDC website.