Dissertation Reference: One more Responsible Task for You

If you are working on dissertation you know how difficult and sometimes painful it can be. You have to think of the content and structure at the same time. Moreover, you are obliged to meet all the requirements as for the dissertation reference. It is quite challenging, do not you think so? If you are making an attempt to create a reference chapter at the moment this article may help you.
Dissertation reference: Figure out the proper format
You have many citations in your scientific paper. They prove that you are aware of all the scholars and their contribution into the topic you are researching now. That is why you have to create a dissertation reference with all those names and works. Firstly, you should find the proper format for your dissertation reference. It depends on the discipline you are studying and on the institution. It is advisable to discuss the format of dissertation reference with your dissertation consultant. Of course, you may use some other sources of information.
Dissertation reference: Making citations in the body of the paper
It is essential for any dissertation to have numerous references included in the text. It is important for every used citation to be mentioned at the very end of the paper, in the reference list. Your professor can easily notice the incongruity between the text and dissertation references. You should take it into consideration.
Dissertation reference: Some useful points
An important part of a dissertation reference is the list of sources. A reference section help tips can be used to organize the Works Cited page in a proper way. There are some general rules concerning this problem. As an example, in case of citations of the sources with two authors the both names are to be mentioned. If it is more than five authors, first name and “et al” can be written. These are the main notices for dissertation references.