Essay on Death Penalty: Am Important Question of Life and Death

Many countries have already abolished the capital punishment because they consider it an amoral and inhuman action. However, there remain many countries that are still sentencing people to death.
With regard to this, an essay on death penalty should be of an argumentative type, which means that students should defend one point of view only. An argumentative essay on death penalty should present persuasive arguments and evidence supporting one’s point of view.
How to write a brilliant essay on death penalty?

  1. If you agree that capital punishment should be abolished, you should provide at least three arguments that serve as a viable approval of your opinion. In your essay on death penalty, you should mention moral underpinnings of this action, which can also be called a killing in its nature. An essay on death penalty can reveal religious frictions concerning this issue. In particular, you should emphasize that people do not have right to deprive other people of life because it is prohibited by the Bible. By committing this legal killing, you become a killer.
  2. If you disagree that sentencing criminal death is the only way out, you should take the opposite side of the dispute. In particular, your essay on death penalty should highlight that there are people who do not deserve leaving even being sentenced to life imprisonment. Your essay on death penalty should also prove that there is not sense of holding this person in prison because there is no chance for his improvement and realization of mistakes he/she has done.

Remember that your essay on death penalty should be accurate, consistent, and persuasive. It should provoke no doubts that your point of view deserves considerations. In addition, your essay on death penalty should be supported by reliable sources including real law cases.