Essays on Murder: Search for Ideas in the Mystery Books

When students are assigned to write essays on murder, they try to choose some specific example and dwell upon it. Students know that to hand in a powerful essay, the idea should be perfect, catching and interesting. We are going to provide students with some interesting and innovative ideas on essays on murder on the basis of the books which describe some specific murders.
One of the main reasons why books, mostly mystery books, were chosen for the analysis is that in this case students’ essays on murder are going to consider some specific topic but not just general ideas and concepts.
Mystery books as the basis for students’ essays on murder

  1. Students’ essays on murder may pay attention to the book Murder in Grub Street by Bruce Alexander and dwell upon the fact that if a person is caught red-handed, he/she may be not a murder.
  2. Death Comes as the End is a book by Agatha Christie which may be a focus of students’ essays on murder. The book attracts attention by the fact that the actions take place in the ancient Egypt and the murder is covered with mystery and lack of information.
  3. Students may cast light on the story The Brown Hand by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Students may underline the problem of religion and real life in their essays on murder.
  4. It can be interesting to dwell upon Father Brown in students’ essays on murder. Many stories by Gilbert Keith Chesterton are written with the participation of this person.

Students’ essays on murder may dwell upon his quick wits and the ability to solve any mystery even if he was not present at the scene of the crime, like in the story The Eye of Apollo.