Improve Memory? Discovering the Mysteries of Your Brain

improve-memorySome students are ready to do almost anything in effort to improve memory, especially before an exam. If you are hoping for miracles, you are most likely to be disappointed because a person cannot improve ones memory within twenty-four hours. However, there are some things that you can do to perform better during examinations or tests.
Improve Memory by Changing the Learning Style
If you want to better retain information and achieve good grades, you will need to reevaluate your learning style. Here are some of the things that you need to do:

  1. .First, you should not rely too much on last-night cramming. You memory is not a hard disk drive that can be packed with data whenever your want. Usually memory works much better when a person studies regularly during the term.
  2. Try to help your memory by visualizing the things that you learn. Various tables, charts, and diagrams can help you better retain concepts and ideas. Certainly, you won’t use these visual aids during exams but it will be much easier for you to review the material.
  3. You may also write brief outlines of your readings. If you have read a chapter from a textbook or a research article, you may write a bullet-point outline of this work. This exercise is not very time-consuming but, but in this way, you will better understand the logic of the author’s arguments. This is also a good way of improving memory.
  4. Different mnemonic devices can be useful in those cases, when you need to memorize numbers and dates. For example, if you need to remember a date, you can associate with a short phrase. The number of letters in each should correspond to a specific digit. This approach helps people memorize hundreds of digits. So, you can see that learning style is essential for good academic performance.

Improve Memory? What Else Students Need to Remember

Our memory can work surprising well when we don’t expect, and at the same time, it can fail us in the most unsuitable moments. So, people shouldn’t forget about the things that harm our memory, in particular:

  1. Continuous sleep deprivation;
  2. Smoking and alcoholic beverages;
  3. Malnutrition, especially lack of vitamins.

So, those people, who want to improve memory, should pay attention to their lifestyle. Besides, students often can’t overcome anxiety when they take exams or tests. This is one of the reasons why their memory doesn’t work as well as they expect. If you want to improve your memory, you shouldn’t regard exams or test as forms of torture designed specifically for you. Overall, positive outlook is essential for good academic performance and effective work of memory.

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