Business Report Format: A Roadmap for Writing a Good Paper

business-report-formatStudents who major in management or administration have to write many business reports. For them, the knowledge of business report format is of great importance. This article will focus on the structure of such papers and their style. Most importantly, this article will offer many tips that will help you in the long term.

Business Report Format: Looking at Its Structure

Report writing is not a very challenging task for a person who knows how such papers should be structured. Overall, they have to include the following components:

  1. An executive summary that briefly describes the main questions discussed in the report and presents the major findings. This section has to give the gist of the entire paper.
  2. Background. In this section, you should explain the problem that you intend to solve and the objectives that your organization has to achieve.
  3. The methodology that was used to collect and analyze data.
  4. The evaluation of various alternatives that are available to the company.
  5. Recommendations.
  6. Conclusion, reference list, and appendixes.

Business Report Format: Making the Paper More Readable

There is another issue that you need to consider when working on your business reports. In particular, such papers must enable the reader to find the necessary information as quickly as possible. This is how you can help your reader:

  1. First, you should highlight the headings in bold type to make them more easily identifiable.
  2. Secondly, you need to make use of visual aids. A well-constructed table, diagram or chart can be extremely informative. They can be of great use when you have to present quantitative data.
  3. Moreover, bullet points can help you better present your main recommendations or arguments.
  4. Finally, you should make sure that your sentences are clear and concise. A business report is not an exercise in creative writing, and you should avoid too complex phrases and sentences that can mislead the reader.


Business Report Format: References and In-text Citations

The format of business reports also includes rules for referencing and citing sources. You may have to follow different styles like MLA, APA, Harvard, but in any case, you should first pay attention to the structure of your bibliography entries. They have to include the following elements:

  1. The name of the author;
  2. The title of the book, article or official document that you reference;
  3. The number of pages, if you are using a textbook chapter or a journal article.
  4. The date of publication;
  5. The publisher;
  6. An URL address when you are using an online document;
  7. The place of publication.

Besides, you shouldn’t forget the in-text citations. Whenever you are using someone else’s words or ideas, you need to name the author or authors and specify the number of the page where the relevant passage can be found. So, these are the most important elements of business report format. If you use this article as a checklist for your papers, you’ll see that report writing is much easier that it seems.