History Dissertation Tips That Historians Must Know About

history-dissertationHistory dissertation paper can be very tiresome to complete, especially when it is your first time to write a dissertation in History. When confronted with the task of writing a History dissertation, the first thing you should do is find out how dissertations in History are supposed to be written.
Without the knowledge of structure and format, you are surely headed for failure. The dissertation writing tips presented in this article will make your work much easier, strain-less and stress free.

Tips on the structure of History dissertations

Structuring your History dissertations correctly is very crucial. Standard dissertation structure in the discipline of History is made up of the following sections:
Title page, also referred to as the cover page
Your cover page should indicate the History dissertation title, your names, the reasons as to why you are submitting the dissertation, Institution and department’s name, and date of submission.
Acknowledgement page
In the acknowledgement page, you are supposed to give appreciations and thanks to those who contributed in the development of your History dissertations.
The abstract page
In the abstract page, you present a comprehensive summary of your dissertation work. Briefly explain the aim of your study, the methods of research utilized in the study and the findings.
The table of Contents page
In the table of contents page, you should list the topics and subtopics, chapters and subsections that constitute the dissertation paper.
The introduction Chapter
Give comprehensive reasons and justifications for your study. The introduction should also contain the research question and hypothesis.

The Literature Review Chapter
In the chapter of literature review, you are supposed to present information from the previously published works pertinent to your dissertation topic.
The Methodology Chapter
This is one of the most important chapters in any dissertation paper. Explicate the research methods you used to arrive at the findings.
The Findings Chapter
Discuss the findings of your research. The findings should be free from any subjectivity for purposes of credibility and accuracy.
Discussions Chapter
This is where you will present your views and opinions regarding the research findings and results presented in the previous chapter.
Recommendations Chapter
Recommendations chapter gives suggestion for future research and improvements in the History discipline.
Bibliography Chapter
In the bibliography chapter, you are expected to list all the sources used in preparing the dissertation.