Management Research Paper Topics to Chart a Smooth Course

When writing a management research paper, the student needs to demonstrate to the professor that he or she can function effectively in the real world as a leader and motivator of employees. To this end, the topics for research papers for management work best when they investigate the application of management theory in the real world setting of an organization, wherein the leader adopts a certain style of management in order to complete tasks, spearhead direction or lead change. If you have been assigned a management research paper for one of your classes, consider the following list of topics for management research papers for inspiration:

Write a research paper for management about change management theory as it applies to the following examples:

  • Some well-known successful restructuring efforts adopted by major corporations such as General Electric
  • Some well-known failed change management efforts such as Blockbuster Video
  • The need for change management in response to technological changes such as marketing and advertising managers learning to capitalize on social media and online social networks to market products
  • Compare change management as it applies to the military, such as the deployment of troops to a battle staging, with change management as it applies to the private sector, such as the restructuring of a large group of employees.

Managers must continually evaluate the efficacy of their leadership styles against the success of the business. Management research papers can also involve the investigation of leadership styles as they apply to management problems:

  • Argue that the appropriate leadership style for a manager to adopt in order to initiate thorough and lasting change in a failing organization is either an autocratic style of leadership or a democratic style of leadership
  • Employee resistance to change and the value of transformational leadership
  • The value of systems theory in the implementation of broad cultural change in an organization
  • Managers as educators: building a business case for change through authentic leadership
  • When management styles clash with stakeholder needs and values
  • Contingency theory in the workplace: management styles that shift according to the needs of the business and the context