Your research paper in criminology is a great chance to pursue ideas that may have interested you during your course, or over several terms of study. Whether you are majoring in this subject, or taking it just because it sounds interesting, you can follow up on topics inspired by current events or long-standing personal concerns. Here are some thoughts on possible lines of research to pursue in criminology research papers.

Contemplate criminology research papers on the exploding private prison industry:

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Jack the Ripper coursework

“One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.”
Jack the Ripper

“His” name is still unknown; however, “his” terrible crimes disturb society until nowadays. Do you know who we are talking about? Well, here are more hints…
Those horrible events took place in London. It was the autumn of 1888… Have you already guessed who it is? Of course, we talk about Jack the Ripper!
Who was that Jack the Ripper? Or, maybe, who were those people? Some historians believe that Jack the Ripper did not commit these crimes alone. It could probably be a group of people. So, you have a chance to conduct your own research in your Jack the Ripper coursework.
Your Jack the Ripper coursework will be a kind of an investigation coursework. So, our hints can be just in time for you.
Do you need several ideas to start writing your Jack the Ripper coursework? Well, we are glad to provide catchy facts about that mysterious figure in the history of criminology. You may start your Jack the Ripper coursework and:

  • Briefly describe the general situation in the country at those times in your Jack the Ripper coursework. England was a really powerful country: international commerce, great fleet and property. Its core was London. 31 August, 1888, the East End, the dead body of a 42-year old prostitute was found…
  • Find more information about the suspects: Joseph Barnett, George Chapman, John Pizer, and others. Study their cases and give your opinion in Jack the Ripper coursework.
  • Mention those letters Jack the Ripper sent to the police. What were they about? Why did the killer send them? Give answers to these questions in your Jack the Ripper coursework.

coursework literatureAll of us clearly understand what coursework literature is about. However, when asked about primary and secondary sources of our coursework literature we get confused. So, let us talk about some elements of a coursework literature, in particular – primary and secondary sources.
Defining primary sources of a coursework literature
Coursework literature primary sources are the original materials or materials written by the original authors. A good example of the coursework literature primary source can be a novel, a narrative story or an essay. We can continue the list of primary sources with the first hand stories or interviews that were described by the witnesses or victims of an event.
Defining secondary sources of a coursework literature
Coursework literature secondary sources are the ones based on the primary sources. Secondary sources of your coursework literature are used to discuss what was written in the primary sources. For example, when you are writing a critical review of an article, a poem or a story – you are working with the secondary sources. Basically, you are writing about the primary coursework literature sources.
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A good presentation of an A level English coursework needs some efforts and some time, of course. You should do necessary preparations in order to say that your A level English coursework is worth reading.
I think that if you want to make a high quality A level English coursework, it will be better to understand what you should write about and how you should write your A level English coursework at the appropriate level. In other words, you should know the peculiarities of any A level English coursework.
Let us analyze the components of your A level English courseworks. We should start from the very beginning, from the title of your assignment.

  • A level English coursework should meet three main requirements.
  • A level English coursework means that you are finishing your secondary education and you are almost ready to make a step forward towards more serious life. In your A level English coursework you should show all knowledge, obtained in your secondary school. So, use all your skills in order to make your A level English coursework the best of the best!
  • A level English coursework underlines the importance of writing your work about English and on English! If you like your language, if you know what you may write about – you should use your chance and make a catching A level English coursework!

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T-Totals Coursework

Category: Coursework Writing

T-Totals coursework is the usually understood incorrectly by students. Very often they mix up two absolutely different notions. Teetotalism is a promotion of continence of alcoholic drinks. A person who does not drink alcohol at all is called teetotaller.
T-Totals notion occurs in Mathematics; when you are to write a coursework on it. It is the investigation of the number of the T-number in the T-shape in different square coordinate grids.
But, of course, the students of the Maths departments know what T-totals coursework means. The challenge they face here is another: they do not know how to write this coursework itself, they do not understand the rules of computation of the relation of the given data.
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