coursework assignmentFrom time to time, middle school, high school, and even university students have to complete coursework assignments. Although these are not the most important and complicated tasks, they still affect the final grade on a course.
This is why better take your coursework assignments seriously and learn all rules of completing them.
By the way, below in this article, you will find some important info about coursework assignments.
Types of coursework assignments
A coursework assignment can take different forms, e.g. a report, a simple essay, an experimental work, or a group project.
Usually, teachers specify which particular type of a coursework assignment you should prepare. However, if you are free to choose, try a group project, which is basically easier to complete. Before you start working on your project, discuss smaller tasks for each member in your group.
Topics for coursework assignments
Again, at times you will be asked to cover a certain topic, as a rule from a list provided by a teacher. Sometimes, you will be allowed to decide on a topic for your coursework assignment.
There is one rule you should keep in mind when choosing a topic: make sure you have enough background knowledge of this or that issue so that completing your coursework assignment does not take you ages. Yet, there should also be some space for research and learning something new.
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English language courseworkProbably, some of you think that writing an English language coursework will be boring and rather challenging. You have already thought about investigating some complicated linguistic or grammar issues, or something of that kind.
Well, we have good news for you. A real English language coursework has nothing to do with these dull images you have in your mind. Making English language courseworks is, actually, really exciting and you get a brilliant opportunity to show your creativity and writing talents.
We want to tell you about two common ways to get an English language coursework done.
English language courseworks: making a survey
Collecting real-life opinions is the best way to come up with some exclusive findings for your English language coursework, because you are going to deal with typical users of English.
One of the easiest surveys you may conduct for your English language coursework is to ask different people to define some words. So, think of several words, e.g. respect, fear, green, etc., check and note down people’s definitions, some associations. You will be surprised to find out that rather simple words are interpreted in so many different ways.
Do not forget to analyze the results and introduce your findings in the English language coursework.
English language courseworks: creative writing
Creative writing is one of the favorite ways to get English language courseworks done. You are free to choose anything you like, create whatever stories you want.
It can be a dramatic monologue, for instance, of:

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photosynthesis courseworkDo you know what the term “photosynthesis” means? Actually, it means “putting together with light.” So, if you have to write a photosynthesis coursework, be ready to investigate how flora reacts to light energy.
By the way, there are 5 important facts about photosynthesis that you should know to write a good photosynthesis coursework.

  1. Mostly, the process of photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts of plant leaves;
  2. Light energy is converted into chemical energy by means of chlorophyll;
  3. There are 2 types of reactions: light independent and light dependent;
  4. Photosynthesis is mostly influenced by such factors as temperature, light intensity, light wavelength, and carbon dioxide level;
  5. All living organisms depend on organic molecules created by means of photosynthesis.

So, the facts presented above can help revise your knowledge of photosynthesis. The tips given below can also help you write a good photosynthesis coursework:

  • Carry out an experiment to identify the rate of photosynthesis
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GCSE History courseworkPreparing for the GCSE exam in History means not only revising the material learnt in class but also writing GCSE History coursework. This article will help you write a good GCSE History coursework, thus, enhance your chances to get a good grade at the GCSE exam.

  1. Choose a topic for your GCSE History coursework
  2. Below, there is a list of topics that can be considered in GCSE History courseworks:

    • Britain during 1905 – 1951 (the Liberal Reforms, Britain in WWI, the Welfare State)
    • Germany during 1918 – 1939 (the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s Rise to Power)
    • International relations during 1900 – 1939 (WWI, the Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations)
    • International relations during 1939 – 1991 (WWII, Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis)
    • Russia, USSR during 1905 – 1941 (Revolutions, Lenin & Stalin)
    • USA during 1919 – 1941 (The Roaring Twenties, The New Deal)
    • USA during 1941 – 1980 (Civil Rights, McCarthyism)
    • Vietnam during 1954 – 1975 (The Vietnam War)

    Choose the period that you are knowledgeable about and narrow it down to the problem you are interested in. Remember, the topic of your GCSE History coursework should be specific.

  3. Find helpful information
  4. You are expected to use secondary sources for writing your GCSE History coursework. Besides, you can find many interesting facts about modern history online and include them into your GCSE History coursework.

  5. Develop a thesis statement and outline your ideas
  6. After you read and analyze the information found, you need to formulate your personal position on the problem. Then, present ideas on paper. Keep to the structure required for GCSE History courseworks:

    • Introduction;
    • Methods;
    • Data Presentation;
    • Discussion;
    • Conclusions.

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Jack the Ripper Coursework

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Jack the Ripper courseworkIn the fall of 1888, London police received a piece of a human kidney and a letter:
“I send you half the kidney from one woman…and the other piece I fried and ate…” The writer’s return address was “From Hell”, but everyone knew it was a serial killer.
It seems your Jack the Ripper coursework is going to be a very interesting task to complete. By the way, have you already chosen the idea to cover in your Jack the Ripper coursework? If you have not, our suggestions may arouse your interest:
Jack the Ripper Coursework: Idea 1. Medical Investigations of Jack the Ripper’s crimes
Medical experts determined that Jack the Ripper was good at Anatomy, since he extracted human organs rather skillfully. Find more evidences proving that Jack the Ripper knew a good deal about Anatomy and present them in your Jack the Ripper coursework.
Jack the Ripper Coursework: Idea 2. Victims of Jack the Ripper
The victims of Jack the Ripper were prostitutes. Some of them were found with cut throats, others – unmutilated. Mostly, the crimes were committed between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. So, in your Jack the Ripper coursework, try to explain why the murderer used this very time for killing women.
Jack the Ripper Coursework: Idea 3. Suspects
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Of Mice and Men courseworkDid you know that Of Mice and Men became the basis of a play and 3 movies? Have you already seen any of them? We advise you to watch either a play or a movie or read the book. This will definitely help you get the gist of the plot. And our tips will help you create an A+ Of Mice and Men coursework.
There are three main ideas that Steinbeck touches upon in the novel. You need to demonstrate your understanding of these ideas in the Of Mice and Men coursework if you want to get an A+. So, they are:
The Idea of Friendship
Every character of the novel wants to find a friend. Friendship is very important to them. While writing your Of Mice and Men coursework, analyze the vision of friendship that each personage of the novel had.
The Idea of Loneliness
This is the next idea to speculate upon in the Of Mice and Men coursework. Almost all characters feel lonely. When developing this idea in your coursework on Of Mice and Men, dwell upon such characters as:

coursework on English literatureFor some students, a coursework on English literature is something that passes all understanding. The problem is not only what to write about but also what to start with. That is why it is important to organize writing steps properly.
This article will help you organize your work on the English literature coursework. It presents the steps necessary to take in order to create a good coursework on English literature.
Step 1. Choosing a topic
There is probably something that you like most of all about English literature. Think about it: is it a drama, poetry, prose, or novels? Then, decide on the age you would like to investigate: Romanticism, Renaissance, or Post-Modernism, etc. Next, pick a book you would like to analyze in the coursework on English literature. Finally, choose a perspective from which you might consider this book in your English literature coursework.
Step 2. Gathering sources
After you narrow the topic of your English literature coursework, you may start searching for useful sources. Try to find:

  • Critics’ responses to the book chosen;
  • Interesting facts about the book/its author;
  • Some reviews of the book.

These sources will help to make your coursework on English literature interesting indeed.
Step 3. Organizing idea
After you gather enough information and analyze it, you will have certain impression of the book and ideas for your coursework on English literature. Now, you need to develop a thesis statement and think of the ways to support it. So:

  • Formulate your thesis statement clearly;
  • Think of several supporting ideas;
  • Pick evidences (e.g. examples from the text).

Step 4. Making an outline
Now that you have a framework for your English literature coursework, you have to develop the rest of its parts. Keep to the following structure:
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Of Mice and Men courseworkJohn Steinbeck made a wonderful attempt to tell about those people who strive to make their dreams come true. His Of Mice and Men attracts the attention of hundreds of readers and critics.
Have you already read the novel? Not yet?! Well, we strongly recommend you do it! It is not very long and is easy to read.
Besides, if you have the assignment to present Of Mice and Men coursework, it is essential to read the novel. In order to make a good analysis in your paper, you need to comprehend the plot.
Now, let us talk about the ways of preparing Of Mice and Men coursework.
First, in Of Mice and Men coursework, you should present the main characters of the novel: George Milton and Lennie Small. They dream of owning a farm. However, at that moment, they are just simple workers at their Boss’s ranch.
Second, tell about the ideas discussed in the novel. In your Of Mice and Men coursework, focus on the ideas of:

  • Following dreams;
  • Friendship and understanding;
  • Loneliness and disappointments;
  • Meanness and pride.

Third, in Of Mice and Men coursework, demonstrate your awareness of the plot:
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Jack the Ripper coursework

“One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.”
Jack the Ripper

“His” name is still unknown; however, “his” terrible crimes disturb society until nowadays. Do you know who we are talking about? Well, here are more hints…
Those horrible events took place in London. It was the autumn of 1888… Have you already guessed who it is? Of course, we talk about Jack the Ripper!
Who was that Jack the Ripper? Or, maybe, who were those people? Some historians believe that Jack the Ripper did not commit these crimes alone. It could probably be a group of people. So, you have a chance to conduct your own research in your Jack the Ripper coursework.
Your Jack the Ripper coursework will be a kind of an investigation coursework. So, our hints can be just in time for you.
Do you need several ideas to start writing your Jack the Ripper coursework? Well, we are glad to provide catchy facts about that mysterious figure in the history of criminology. You may start your Jack the Ripper coursework and:

  • Briefly describe the general situation in the country at those times in your Jack the Ripper coursework. England was a really powerful country: international commerce, great fleet and property. Its core was London. 31 August, 1888, the East End, the dead body of a 42-year old prostitute was found…
  • Find more information about the suspects: Joseph Barnett, George Chapman, John Pizer, and others. Study their cases and give your opinion in Jack the Ripper coursework.
  • Mention those letters Jack the Ripper sent to the police. What were they about? Why did the killer send them? Give answers to these questions in your Jack the Ripper coursework.

inspector calls courseworkDo you like detective stories? Are you fond of investigating? Well, then the play of J. B. Priestley “An Inspector Calls” will be rather interesting to you.
This play is usually studied during the GCSE Literature course. At the end of the course, you may be assigned to write An Inspector Calls coursework.
Have you already considered what to present in your An Inspector Calls coursework? Well, do not panic! We are here to help you. Right now, we will discuss what steps you need to take in order to complete this task.
It is very important to read the play first and only then start writing An Inspector Calls coursework. While reading, do the following:

  • Note down some interesting quotations;
  • Write down the names of the main characters and their characteristics;
  • Outline the issues discussed in the play, etc.

After you read the story, make all the necessary notes, and get the essence of the plot, you may start the process of An Inspector Calls coursework writing.
Do you need ideas to consider in An Inspector Calls coursework? We are glad to offer you some:

  • Analyze how a person can affect the lives of other people in your An Inspector Calls coursework. Take an example from the play – relations between Mr. Birling and his daughter, Sheila.