history-dissertationHistory dissertation paper can be very tiresome to complete, especially when it is your first time to write a dissertation in History. When confronted with the task of writing a History dissertation, the first thing you should do is find out how dissertations in History are supposed to be written.
Without the knowledge of structure and format, you are surely headed for failure. The dissertation writing tips presented in this article will make your work much easier, strain-less and stress free.

Tips on the structure of History dissertations

Structuring your History dissertations correctly is very crucial. Standard dissertation structure in the discipline of History is made up of the following sections:
Title page, also referred to as the cover page
Your cover page should indicate the History dissertation title, your names, the reasons as to why you are submitting the dissertation, Institution and department’s name, and date of submission.
Acknowledgement page
In the acknowledgement page, you are supposed to give appreciations and thanks to those who contributed in the development of your History dissertations.
The abstract page
In the abstract page, you present a comprehensive summary of your dissertation work. Briefly explain the aim of your study, the methods of research utilized in the study and the findings.
The table of Contents page
In the table of contents page, you should list the topics and subtopics, chapters and subsections that constitute the dissertation paper.
The introduction Chapter
Give comprehensive reasons and justifications for your study. The introduction should also contain the research question and hypothesis.

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A literature dissertation works best when it identifies and successfully argues a new way of looking at one or more pieces of literature. Sometimes a literature dissertation might compare two seemingly disparate works of literature and show how they actually resemble one another closely.
Numerous ideas for literature dissertations exist. If you need to develop a literature dissertation for one of your classes, have a look at this list of ideas:
Ideas for literature dissertations using literary criticism theories:

  1. Employ a Marxist reading of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth and write a dissertation for literature about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as the proletariat revolutionaries and Macduff as the epitome of the bourgeoisie mentality
  2. Employ a Marxist reading of the relationship between Lydia and Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice and explain why their actions denote a Marxist revolution
  3. Apply the Marxist theory of alienation to the relationship between Prince Hal and Falstaff in Henry IV and V
  4. Conduct a feminist reading and interpretation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, placing particular emphasis on the character of Clover and her relationship with Napoleon and Snowball
  5. Conduct a feminist reading of the major works of the Brontë sisters Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, placing special emphasis on sexuality

Compose several literature dissertations using the theories of various proponents of psychoanalytic theory including Freud and Jung:

  • Conduct a Jungian interpretation of Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Explain how Alice is the archetypal hero who undergoes the archetypal journey
  • Conduct a Freudian interpretation of Moby Dick, placing special emphasis on the relationship between Captain Ahab and the whale as a fetish object

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Musicology dissertations must be written with great attention and concentration. This type of dissertation is not like the other types of dissertations. Unless, students put some real effort, it is not possible to write high quality musicology dissertations. It is must to have clear knowledge about how to write such dissertations.
When writing musicology dissertations, it is necessary to analyze a particular criminal event. This article aims to give useful ideas regarding musicology dissertation.
Musicology dissertations: Points to consider
When writing musicology dissertations, students must remember the following things:

  • It is better to consider one of the widespread criminal problems in society.
  • It will be interesting and effective to write this type of dissertation only if students are ready to spend more time.
  • A good topic selection and careful research are the primary requirements need for writing effective dissertation.

Musicology dissertations: Some tips to consider
In order to write great musicology dissertations, students can consider the following tips:

  1. It is best to explain the extent, reasons and the way to overcome a criminal behavior being discussed in the dissertation.
  2. It is must to know complete details about the rules and regulations for writing such dissertation.
  3. It is must to know complete details about the structure and format for writing such dissertation.

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Art is one of the most interesting subjects to research as it is very inspiring and captivating. However, when it takes to writing art history dissertations, students often get frustrated. The reason is that they have to deal with loads of material that should be formatted and structured. Moreover, it sometimes poses a difficulty to choose some specific topic for an art history dissertation. To help students to produce an excellent and informative art history dissertation, this article provides important steps in writing.
Ideas for art history dissertations topics
Writing art history dissertations is a very time-consuming process. Sometimes, students may experience setbacks but on the whole, this process should bring the feeling of content. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that would satisfy the student and would inspire him/her to write. Here are some possible topics for art history dissertations:

  • Art and culture: relations and influence;
  • Art of the 20th century (17th, 18th, 19th, etc.);
  • Innovative and modern art;
  • Art and architecture;
  • Famous figures in the art of certain epoch;
  • Ancient art;
  • Art deco;
  • Avant-garde;
  • Italian art;
  • Some comparative investigations.

It is clear to see that the list of art history dissertations topics is unlimited. Any student may pick any period of art history, any masterpiece or any artist and conduct a research on it.
Possible art history dissertation writing procedure
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film studies dissertationAlthough writing a thesis or dissertation is one of the most challenging academic experiences, we are sure that you will like working on a dissertation or thesis in film studies.
The world of cinematography is exciting and multifaceted, which will definitely make your experience of writing the film studies dissertation unique. However, you will also face the same difficulties as all other dissertation writers. You will have to take some typical steps that are necessary to end up with a successful project.
We want to discuss some of these steps right now, particularly choosing topics for dissertations in film studies, organizing, and conducting research.
How to come up with a great topic idea for a film studies dissertation
Selecting a topic for your dissertation in film studies might be one of the most difficult choices to make. Sure, you can go an easy way and choose something from the list of dissertation topics provided by an advisor.
Yet, we are sure that working on your film studies dissertation will be more fascinating if you investigate the topic of your own choice. Thus, take time and think about the following:

  • your favorite movies;
  • favorite film genres;
  • favorite directors and actors, etc.

All these items can be transformed into a great topic for your film studies dissertation.
How to carry out research for a film studies dissertation
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average dissertation lengthHow long is a thesis or dissertation going to be or what is an average thesis or dissertation length? This is one of the main questions students have when they decide whether to start working on a project or no. If you still do not have a clear answer, let us help you find it. So, let us talk about an average thesis or dissertation length.
Is the word “average” really appropriate?
Probably, the main thing we should figure out is whether such notion as an average thesis or dissertation length really exists. The point is that in the academic community they prefer to use something like “minimal/maximum required number of pages/number of words”. Everything that lies between “minimum/maximum” is considered an average thesis or dissertation length. In other words, this means that your project can be from 50 up to 300 pages long, or sometimes even longer.
What an average thesis or dissertation length depends on?
An average thesis or dissertation length depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the specific requirements of your faculty. Second, thesis or dissertation length depends greatly on a discipline and your thesis subject. Generally, it is considered that projects in Humanities and Social Sciences are much longer that those in Natural Sciences. For instance, we know cases when projects in theoretical Physics or Maths were just 40 pages long.
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thesis or dissertation extensionWhen you made the final decision to write a dissertation or thesis, you should have been informed on the final date of its submission or the deadline. This is a common practice; otherwise, completing such projects might take years.
Setting up schedules according to the deadline is another common practice for thesis and dissertation writers. If you have a detailed plan of your work, it is much easier to finish everything on time.
However, for some students even such plans and schedules do not work, and they finally face a situation when they need thesis or dissertation extension. We should say it is not the most pleasant situation you can face, because getting thesis or dissertation extension is not easy.
First, this procedure has many formal rules. Second, you need to have really good reasons to ask for thesis or dissertation extension. Why? Because if you do not have good explanations, it just means you did not work hard. You knew about the deadline and the importance of this project, but did not invest enough efforts to finish it on time.
Anyway, now you want to know how to get this thesis or dissertation extension. We offer you general rules, since the procedure of getting thesis or dissertation extension may vary.

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dissertation titleWe are sure there is no need to explain the role of a dissertation title for your project. Basically, it is a dissertation title that affects the reader’s decision whether to read or not to read your project.
Sure, creating a good dissertation title is not easy. Yet, some explanations and recommendations from our writers will help you succeed at this stage of the dissertation writing process.
What does a dissertation title do?
There are two major functions of dissertation titles:

  1. They grab the reader’s attention;
  2. They explain what your project is all about.

The main rule to keep in mind when creating a dissertation title
Your project can be devoted to very serious and complicated issues. However, what you should remember about your dissertation title is that it should be fairly easy.
Do not include some complicated terms in your title. Readers do not like to be confused and puzzled from the very first minutes. Very often, projects with dissertation titles that are hard to understand are not read.
A dissertation title should reflect the work done
Ideally, it should be clear from your title what exactly you studied and how you did it. Thus, you may include such words as “methods”, “procedures”, “approaches” into your dissertation title.
How to create a strong dissertation title
As a rule, there are at least two dissertation titles that the writer creates.
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Fine Art dissertationYes, writing dissertations in Fine Art is all about creativity. Everything, starting from Fine Art dissertation titles to the final words in the last chapter should be done in a creative and nontrivial way.
Easier said than done! However, if you have signed up for writing a Fine Art dissertation, you need to be confident in your skills and talents. In this 300-word article, we will not be able to provide exhaustive explanations for writing Fine Art dissertations.
However, some general recommendations and hints can be a good starting point for Fine Art dissertation writers.
Skills that one should demonstrate when writing a dissertation in Fine Art
You have to show several important skills to get a degree in Fine Art. Your Fine Art dissertation should reflect the following:

  • An ability to work independently and creatively;
  • An ability to carry out profound research within the field;
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of various issues related to the topic of your dissertation in Fine Art.

Picking a topic for dissertations in Fine Art
As you can guess, a brilliant Fine Art dissertation should be devoted to an exclusive and outstanding topic. Coming up with ideas like that is not easy. That is why start collecting ideas for your dissertation in Fine Art far before you get down to work.
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geography dissertationA dissertation is one of the biggest and most important projects in your student life. Completing such project is a rather challenging but still exciting period in the life of every student.
If you major in Geography, you will have to write a geography dissertation. To complete this project properly, consider information presented below.
It is important for every student working on a dissertation (a geography dissertation in your case) to set the right purposes and know how to achieve them. Thus, you need a detailed plan. When working on your geography dissertation, you should:

  • Select suitable research methods;
  • Find enough sources;
  • Manage your project;
  • Use different kinds of techniques to demonstrate your level of knowledge;
  • Support each of your points, etc…

Do you know that there are two types of geography dissertations? They are:

  1. A “field-based” geography dissertation: such project is based on an analysis of primary data (surveys, observations, interviews, etc.);
  2. A “desk-based” geography dissertation: such project deals with secondary data (government reports, films, maps, TV programs, archives, etc.)

So, choose what type of geography dissertation you are going to prepare, and learn the essentials of writing one.
Take the following steps while completing your geography dissertation:

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