history-dissertationHistory dissertation paper can be very tiresome to complete, especially when it is your first time to write a dissertation in History. When confronted with the task of writing a History dissertation, the first thing you should do is find out how dissertations in History are supposed to be written.
Without the knowledge of structure and format, you are surely headed for failure. The dissertation writing tips presented in this article will make your work much easier, strain-less and stress free.

Tips on the structure of History dissertations

Structuring your History dissertations correctly is very crucial. Standard dissertation structure in the discipline of History is made up of the following sections:
Title page, also referred to as the cover page
Your cover page should indicate the History dissertation title, your names, the reasons as to why you are submitting the dissertation, Institution and department’s name, and date of submission.
Acknowledgement page
In the acknowledgement page, you are supposed to give appreciations and thanks to those who contributed in the development of your History dissertations.
The abstract page
In the abstract page, you present a comprehensive summary of your dissertation work. Briefly explain the aim of your study, the methods of research utilized in the study and the findings.
The table of Contents page
In the table of contents page, you should list the topics and subtopics, chapters and subsections that constitute the dissertation paper.
The introduction Chapter
Give comprehensive reasons and justifications for your study. The introduction should also contain the research question and hypothesis.

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The dissertation discussion section of this capstone paper of your academic career is where you make your case. The dissertation discussion chapter is what many readers will page through to first, and this is where you convince everyone that you have drawn correct conclusions. Your institution doubtless has its own requirements about the dissertation discussion (and every other) section of your dissertation, but we can offer some reminders and tips on format.
Segregate findings from inferences
You must keep patently clear the separation between your discussion of dissertation findings and your results, or conclusions. With every sentence you write, you must ask yourself:
Is this an observation (that should therefore be presented without pre-conception of reasons) or, alternatively, an inference about the meaning or import of that observation?
Have I made this clear? To accomplish this,

  • Separate your observations from your inferences in the physical layout of the paper
  • Use signaling phrases to let the reader know when you are making your own interpretation of your own (or others’) observations, for example: I infer, My interpretation of this is, This suggests to me, This implies to me.

What is included in discussions of dissertations?

  1. An introduction – as with every section of your paper, the dissertation discussion needs a few sentences alerting the reader what to expect.
    • Don’t frustrate readers by being too vague;
    • Leave persnickety detail for the body of this portion of the text;
    • Ensure that the time pressed scholar happening upon your work in future years should be able to determine immediately if this is what they need (their first clue should be in your abstract, but that is a different article).
  2. The general pattern of findings, whether you are a scientist or a scholar in the humanities, for example:
    • Trends in test results
    • Appearance of specific images in a body of literature
    • Changes over time
  3. Any exceptions, caveats, or provisos to this pattern
  4. Agreement/disagreement among previous scholars on your subject
  5. Relate the results of your investigations to the question you originally posed in your overall introduction (that section warrants another article)
  6. Hypotheses for why you found what you found – e.g., why did XYZ change?
  7. Logical chain of causation
  8. The implications/significance of inferences
  9. Cite generously in your dissertation discussion!
  10. Avoid intellectual fads in your dissertation discussion

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A literature dissertation works best when it identifies and successfully argues a new way of looking at one or more pieces of literature. Sometimes a literature dissertation might compare two seemingly disparate works of literature and show how they actually resemble one another closely.
Numerous ideas for literature dissertations exist. If you need to develop a literature dissertation for one of your classes, have a look at this list of ideas:
Ideas for literature dissertations using literary criticism theories:

  1. Employ a Marxist reading of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth and write a dissertation for literature about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as the proletariat revolutionaries and Macduff as the epitome of the bourgeoisie mentality
  2. Employ a Marxist reading of the relationship between Lydia and Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice and explain why their actions denote a Marxist revolution
  3. Apply the Marxist theory of alienation to the relationship between Prince Hal and Falstaff in Henry IV and V
  4. Conduct a feminist reading and interpretation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, placing particular emphasis on the character of Clover and her relationship with Napoleon and Snowball
  5. Conduct a feminist reading of the major works of the Brontë sisters Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, placing special emphasis on sexuality

Compose several literature dissertations using the theories of various proponents of psychoanalytic theory including Freud and Jung:

  • Conduct a Jungian interpretation of Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Explain how Alice is the archetypal hero who undergoes the archetypal journey
  • Conduct a Freudian interpretation of Moby Dick, placing special emphasis on the relationship between Captain Ahab and the whale as a fetish object

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They say that dissertations on art are the hardest to write, as far as apart from the standard knowledge they demand creative thinking and imagination. Indeed, this kind of paper requires a lot of time and effort from its author. As a rule, composing an art dissertation is accompanied with tones of coffee, dozens of sleepless nights, and a lot of nerves.
Thus, in order to make the process go easier for you, the article prepared a couple of advices, which can show you how to write art dissertations with minimum harm for your physical and psychological health.
Collect some qualitative visuals for your dissertation on art. It is essential that the paper devoted to some kind of art has to be illustrated with some works of art. Therefore, your task is to find the pictures, works of fine arts, or photography, that are related to the topic of your dissertation. In order to find them, you can visit different galleries and museums making your own photos, or find some pictures of art works online.
Another important point in art dissertations writing is supporting them with reliable sources. Thus, you will need good books of respected authors and editions in order to write a successful paper. In order to find such books, you can go to your local library, or visit the following links:
Another important point in the art dissertation writing process is mentioning the biographical facts from the life of some prominent artists. Therefore, what you need to do is finding the biographies of the artists that you mention in your study. However, the standard information will not be enough; you need to find some curious facts about the life of a certain painter, sculptor, or photographer. For this, you may use the following helpful links:
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Musicology dissertations must be written with great attention and concentration. This type of dissertation is not like the other types of dissertations. Unless, students put some real effort, it is not possible to write high quality musicology dissertations. It is must to have clear knowledge about how to write such dissertations.
When writing musicology dissertations, it is necessary to analyze a particular criminal event. This article aims to give useful ideas regarding musicology dissertation.
Musicology dissertations: Points to consider
When writing musicology dissertations, students must remember the following things:

  • It is better to consider one of the widespread criminal problems in society.
  • It will be interesting and effective to write this type of dissertation only if students are ready to spend more time.
  • A good topic selection and careful research are the primary requirements need for writing effective dissertation.

Musicology dissertations: Some tips to consider
In order to write great musicology dissertations, students can consider the following tips:

  1. It is best to explain the extent, reasons and the way to overcome a criminal behavior being discussed in the dissertation.
  2. It is must to know complete details about the rules and regulations for writing such dissertation.
  3. It is must to know complete details about the structure and format for writing such dissertation.

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In senior years of study, students are more absorbed with difficult assignments and numerous courses, not mentioning the outclass activities. However, this is the period when they have to write serious scientific research papers and dissertations.
Due to the fact that students are too busy, they often resort to different online services to search for dissertation samples. The problem is that the process of a dissertation search is not that easy, as it might seem at a glance. Hence, it is necessary to know several hints to simplify a dissertation search.
There are different methods to foster a dissertation search. You can choose the one that suits you most of all:
A dissertation search carried out according to the date:
This kind of a dissertation search is very effective, as you can look through recently uploaded dissertations on the Internet sites. This allows students to pursue the most demanding topics and problems that other students are exploring.
A dissertation search according to the title:
This method of a dissertation search is quite appropriate in case the year of a dissertation publication makes no difference to students.
A dissertation search according to the references used:
This way of a dissertation search is beneficial when students are in the search of reliable sources for their own works.
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Writing a dissertation can be nerve-racking task for most of the students. Such students must need some sort of dissertation help in order to start and write their dissertation successfully.
Students can get the dissertation help from dissertation consultants, sample dissertations offered by online writing services, dissertation writing course or books, and digital dissertations. Students can write better dissertations if they get some sort of dissertation aid besides getting the guidance from their professor.
Dissertation help: How they are useful for students?
Dissertation help guides the students in the following ways:

  • They help students to select the best topic for their dissertation.
  • They provide indispensable support to the students for developing the dissertation successfully.
  • They drive away the frustration and stress associated with dissertation writing process.
  • They help students to get an idea for writing their dissertation.
  • They help students to write a well-presented dissertation.

Dissertation help: How to use it effectively?
Students need to be careful while choosing any sort of help for dissertation.

  1. When using sample dissertations or digital dissertations, students must take care not to copy any content from the dissertations in order to avoid plagiarism.
  2. When using the help of a dissertation consultant, students must choose only trustworthy, reliable professional and qualified consultant.
  3. Students must not depend on the dissertation consultants or online writing services for writing their dissertation completely.

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If you are working on dissertation you know how difficult and sometimes painful it can be. You have to think of the content and structure at the same time. Moreover, you are obliged to meet all the requirements as for the dissertation reference. It is quite challenging, do not you think so? If you are making an attempt to create a reference chapter at the moment this article may help you.
Dissertation reference: Figure out the proper format
You have many citations in your scientific paper. They prove that you are aware of all the scholars and their contribution into the topic you are researching now. That is why you have to create a dissertation reference with all those names and works. Firstly, you should find the proper format for your dissertation reference. It depends on the discipline you are studying and on the institution. It is advisable to discuss the format of dissertation reference with your dissertation consultant. Of course, you may use some other sources of information.
Dissertation reference: Making citations in the body of the paper
It is essential for any dissertation to have numerous references included in the text. It is important for every used citation to be mentioned at the very end of the paper, in the reference list. Your professor can easily notice the incongruity between the text and dissertation references. You should take it into consideration.
Dissertation reference: Some useful points
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Once your dissertation have been written, it is obligatory to check whether the work conforms to norms of dissertation formats. In this case, there are a great number of dissertation formats that are distinguished according to the topics, section distribution, and citation styles. But still there are some common elements in all types of format requirements. Therefore, students should remember those basic rules to succeed in following dissertation formats.
What are the common features of all dissertation formats?
Paying attention to title pages and headers
These requirements refer to all types of dissertation formats. In particular, they require students to create a title page where a student should insert his/her name, surname, the title of a work, and the date.
Writing an abstract
All dissertation formats require writing an abstract to the entire paper that usually involves succinct information about the purpose of a dissertation, methodology, and results.
The main sections of a dissertation
Dissertation formats do not have differences in this case. According to it, each dissertation should consist of an introducing part, a research question and objective, a literature review, methodology, results, findings, and discussion.
Citing papers and formatting in-text citations and quotes
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Sometimes, the wrong format can spoil the paper. As you know, there are different formatting and citation styles. Your tutor may prefer one of the styles or several of those. In this respect, you have to choose one style that is more appealing to your expectations.
The process of writing includes many minor stages that should be completed sequentially. However, the formatting and citation style is applicable to all elements of the paper. Dissertation APA format is an academic paper written regarding the APA formatting and citation style.
How to Find ‘Dissertation APA Format’
The age of technological advancement suggests many options of completing tasks that were very complicated and time-consuming before. There are many different ways of searching for information and processing it. Dissertation APA format is one of those categories that can be easily found on the internet:

  1. If you have an access to the university library and specific sources, you should use it to search for hints on the dissertation APA format.
  2. Different educational sources with ‘.edu’ domain are likely to contain some rules of writing academic papers and formatting those accordingly. Certainly, you may find some hints on the dissertation APA format there.
  3. Different sites that suggest some hints on writing academic papers can contain certain information on dissertation APA format.

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