The dissertation fellowship program is aimed at encouraging a new galaxy of scholars to choose one subject out of a broad arrow of academic disciplines and scientific fields to conduct a research in an educational sphere. Such dissertation fellowships provide financial support to those individuals whose works constitute a great value for the development of scientific knowledge.
This highly appraised program seeks to identify the most outstanding researchers who succeed in presenting great dissertations and theses on education. So, students should do the impossible to be considered for the dissertation fellowship program.
Requirements for being accepted for the dissertation fellowship program
Identifying priorities
Despite the fact that a dissertation topic should be connected with education, graduate studies may be dedicated to any discipline that a student is interested in. So far, dissertation fellowships were awarded to scholars specializing in anthropology, art history, architecture, communications, education, economics, linguistics, etc. Currently, these disciplines have remained unchanged.
Applicants should not be the US citizens. However, they must get a degree on the territory of the United States. It should be stressed that the dissertation fellowship program is more focused on financing the final results of the research, and dissertation writing process. In this respect, all applicants should officially confirm that they will have accomplished all dissertation instructions for the dissertation fellowship program.
Restrictions to the dissertation fellowship program
Apart from the application form, the program must also present publications, an abstract, a solid thesis statement, main discussion, a plan, a certificate of degree and a letter of recommendations. All these documents should involve students into the dissertation fellowships program.
The role of the dissertation fellowship program is enormous because it grants student with a great opportunity for self-development and self-assertion.

If you face some problems with your dissertation paper writing and want to take certain steps to achieve success, you may use dissertation experts help any time you need. Nowadays, the development of Internet industry plays an important role in many spheres of life, and education is one of these spheres. This is why it is not a surprise that students may get an access to dissertation experts help 24/7. Do you want to know more about this kind of help? In this article, you will find necessary answers.
Dissertation experts online
One of the biggest mistakes that a student can make is to believe that all dissertation experts online are true and reliable. Before you can use help offered by dissertation experts, you should check their reliability:

  1. Use sites with “.edu” domains;
  2. Pay attention to the testimonials;
  3. Ask to introduce appropriate certificates;
  4. Discuss all aspects of this help.

Dissertation experts and help they provide
To use the ideas of dissertation experts properly, you should know what you can ask from them. As a rule, dissertation experts are good at:

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Development of business dissertation topics is quite difficult even for students who have significant background in business. Do you experience difficulties with choosing a business dissertation topic? Get familiarized with the hints on developing a business dissertation topic offered below.
Business Dissertation Topics: Hint 1
What business dissertation topic to choose? The answer is the following: focus on a business dissertation topic that is the most interesting for you. To avoid turning the period of dissertation writing into perpetual torture, listen to the voice of your heart and study the issue that you are really interested in.
Business Dissertation Topics: Hint 2
… But you may answer, “I have not strong preferences and have nothing to choose from!” In this case, the best solution is to start intensive work with various information sources. Particularly, to come up with a business dissertation topic idea, take the following steps:

  1. Work with past years dissertation databases. Analyze what issues past years business dissertation topics are devoted to.
  2. Read several business journals. Notice what questions are studied the most intensively by other researchers.
  3. Work with business magazines and newspapers. Analyze what issues are the most important for the business world nowadays.

At a certain stage, you will understand which issues you would like to study in your dissertation.
Business Dissertation Topics: Hint 3
When a student develops a business dissertation topic, it is important for him/her to find the appropriate balance between theory and practice. On the one hand, dissertation writing is all about scholarly knowledge; on the other hand, business is a very practical matter.
In case you are interested in theory, you can focus on philosophy of business and work in the theoretical field. However, the majority of students prefer to focus on more practical issues.

Art is one of the most interesting subjects to research as it is very inspiring and captivating. However, when it takes to writing art history dissertations, students often get frustrated. The reason is that they have to deal with loads of material that should be formatted and structured. Moreover, it sometimes poses a difficulty to choose some specific topic for an art history dissertation. To help students to produce an excellent and informative art history dissertation, this article provides important steps in writing.
Ideas for art history dissertations topics
Writing art history dissertations is a very time-consuming process. Sometimes, students may experience setbacks but on the whole, this process should bring the feeling of content. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that would satisfy the student and would inspire him/her to write. Here are some possible topics for art history dissertations:

  • Art and culture: relations and influence;
  • Art of the 20th century (17th, 18th, 19th, etc.);
  • Innovative and modern art;
  • Art and architecture;
  • Famous figures in the art of certain epoch;
  • Ancient art;
  • Art deco;
  • Avant-garde;
  • Italian art;
  • Some comparative investigations.

It is clear to see that the list of art history dissertations topics is unlimited. Any student may pick any period of art history, any masterpiece or any artist and conduct a research on it.
Possible art history dissertation writing procedure
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It can be argued that writing a dissertation, with only a degree requirement in mind, and writing a dissertation with a desire for recognition might be two different processes.
One example of the latter can be seen through ACM doctoral dissertation competition, an annual competition conducted by the Association of Computing Machinery. A point can be made on whether ACM doctoral dissertations might differ, being a competition entry, from other dissertations in the field of computer science. Well, the answer to that point is not unambiguous. This article will attempt to explain this aspect, based on the case ACM doctoral dissertations.
ACM Doctoral Dissertations’ Standards
The first distinction that should be made is that the entries to ACM doctoral dissertation competition are dissertations which already were accepted into their corresponding departments. In that sense, ACM is an association, not an educational institution, and thus, ACM doctoral dissertations are researches that were filtered based on several selection criteria. For ACM doctoral dissertation competition, such criteria include:

  1. Providing a superior research.
  2. Significant contribution to the field of computing machinery.
  3. The dissertation accepted in a period of the last 12 month.
  4. One dissertation only from each department.

It can be seen that all of those criteria are merely reflecting eligibility, with such aspects such as superior research and contribution being the main measures.
Traditional Standards
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Writing a dissertation on Marketing is commonly required to the students with a business course. This is a task that is not that easy though. Like any other dissertation, writing one with a Marketing subject may take time and a lot of effort to write.
A dissertation on Marketing needs knowledge and analysis for you to have an effective dissertation. Here are some of the tips that you can make use of so that you can have a good dissertation on Marketing.

  1. In making a good dissertation in Marketing, you need to familiarize the concept. You need to understand that writing a dissertation in marketing needs analysis and deeper understanding of the theories, the paradigm and the principles in marketing.
  2. You need to familiarize the different parts of the dissertation in Marketing so that you can prepare what you have to write about. The parts may vary from one institution to another but they will contain most likely the same pages as other dissertations have.
  3. The next thing that you can do is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the dissertation in marketing. You already have the idea what you will be writing and you should know how to chronologically organize them.
  4. You also need to proofread your dissertation in Marketing so that you can have a dissertation that is understandable and free from grammar or spelling errors. This will make your dissertation more presentable and professional.

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So, you are done with the dissertation and are wondering about how to index the same. Preparing a dissertation index is the first step in ensuring that your contents have pointers where you can provide directions to specific terms and jargon.
Finishing the dissertation is half the job done. The other half consists of providing an index where the items can be referenced and cross verified with that of the relevant page numbers in the dissertation. Preparing a dissertation index is a time consuming activity though with the advent of modern word processing software, it is not as cumbersome as it was earlier. While preparing a dissertation index, it is always better to cross check the references to prevent errors from inadvertently creeping into your dissertation.
Use Tools Provided in the Software
Preparing a dissertation index need not be a chore provided you use the tools that are part of the software that you have. These tools can speed up the process of preparing a dissertation index and make your job a lot easier by listing the terms referenced in the contents in an alphabetical manner. The dissertation index that you prepare must be in conformity with the style requirements and the citation formats that are specified by your school.
Cross Check the Dissertation Index
It is always better to cross check the dissertation index that you have prepared to prevent errors from creeping in. The idea behind preparing a dissertation index is to provide the readers with references to the terms and ensure that key terms and jargon are detailed so that the readers can know which page to look when they search for the terms.
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Are you having trouble writing a social work dissertation? Is conducting social work dissertation research turning into one big nightmare? If your answer is ‘yes’ to both questions then this page has all the information you need.
Social work dissertations are formal documents designed to evaluate social justice, evaluate the standard of living, and offer recommendations on social aspects that need improvement. Due to the expansive nature of social welfare, social work is normally divided into child welfare, welfare for the poor and needy, social health and senior citizens welfare.
Writing a social work dissertation can therefore be an understandably tiresome task especially when it comes to conducting research. Depending on your specialty, social work dissertation topic and academic level, the research in social work dissertations can be conducted within a week or can take months. Below are some tips on how to conduct comprehensive research in which solid evidence can be derived.

  1. To get accurate data on social health such as acute and chronic conditions, disease spread and prevention etc, it is prudent to visit health institutions such as hospitals and local clinics. Request for the number of patients suffering from a predetermined condition and the treatment administered using a close-ended questionnaire.
  2. If the social work dissertation requires you to research on child welfare, you can visit children homes and social services to get pertinent information. A close-ended questionnaire would be sufficient but use of telephone interviews would also be efficient.
  3. For research on the elderly, you can access information primarily from elderly homes. Questionnaires or interviews of the staff and the elderly could provide the relevant data needed for the social work dissertation.
  4. An excellent source of information for your social work dissertation relating to the poor is the social services food aid program records which keep a list of all the poor people receiving food aid.

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Now that your MBA course is drawing to a close, you face the responsible and exciting task of completing your MBA dissertation. If you feel at a loss, no need to panic! Start at the very beginning and choose good MBA finance dissertation topics — that would be half of your success! Read on and find out how to complete this initial stage of choosing the right MBA finance dissertation topics.
MBA Finance Dissertation Topics: What Could Be the Hindrance to Finding It?
The list of reasons for your difficulties in finding good MBA finance dissertation topics is endless. Here are but a few:

  1. you are not interested in or passionate about the subject and field of study at all;
  2. your supervisor is not really interested in the ideas suggested by you;
  3. the titles you choose are not original and have been already covered;
  4. you do not have enough time or sources to cover the titles you choose;
  5. you do not have good contact with your supervisor.

MBA Finance Dissertation Topics: How to Solve the Problems?
The aforementioned difficulties sufficiently hinder your search for MBA finance dissertation topics, so make sure you solve them as soon as possible. Below are some solutions:

  1. take a personal interest in the subject/field of study or change it completely;
  2. ask your supervisor for the specific ideas of interest and work out how you could fit them with your professional interest;
  3. look for fresh ideas for your MBA finance dissertation topics in real-life practice;
  4. choose realistic tasks, narrow too broad ones;
  5. change the supervisor.

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chemistry dissertationBeing one of the most complex and final papers students have to write at the end of their studies, a dissertation is the highest point in every academic career. This is why it is an especially difficult task to complete – the dissertation writing process is regulated by an unprecedented quantity of rules and rubrics as compared to other papers.
Chemistry dissertations are not an exception in this regard. Moreover, the complexity of the subject field only adds to the overall difficulty of the paper. In this article, we present you a series of tips on how to write a dissertation on Chemistry and make it effective.
Chemistry dissertations: choosing the right path
As always, the first thing when it comes to writing an academic dissertation is choosing a topic. A Chemistry dissertation should introduce a unique and an original contribution into the research field. So it is very important to consult your professor when deciding on a topic. Even if you know that the topic you have chosen is not researched yet, your professor has much more experience and can assess if the topic is “dissertable.” Certainly, you do not want to get stuck with your Chemistry dissertation like in the quick sands.
Chemistry dissertations: planning your activities
Before you start working on your Chemistry dissertation, you need to plan your activities. Dissertation writing is a complex task and the following question is not that trivial: how to approach the problem. So, it is useful to make your personal plan even if you do not need to present a full-fledged dissertation proposal.
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