dissertation support groupWhat do you know about thesis and dissertation support groups? If you cannot answer this question, better learn more about thesis and dissertation support groups before you get down to working on your project. Do you want to know why?
One of our professional writers completed his dissertation some time ago and now is eager to tell his story. It will take a few minutes to read it, but this experience can help you overcome the challenges of the writing and researching processes in the future.
“When my advisor offered me to join a dissertation support group, I said “Yuck! Do I really need it?” As it turned out later, the dissertation support group helped me survive and get my degree.
What is a dissertation support group? It is just a bunch of graduates, just as you are, struggling with their projects, meeting on a regular basis, and sharing their challenges, pain, success, and accomplishments.
Why should you consider joining a dissertation support group? Loneliness might be the main reason for you to join a dissertation support group. Another important reason is that you might need someone who can tell you “Sorry man, your introduction is crap” or “Your methodology section is ok, but perhaps this and that should be improved”.
Personally I joined my dissertation support group because I was about to lose motivation to research and write and had some problems with my advisor. Later I realized that a lot of other difficulties and pitfalls are waiting for dissertation writers. I am just sure that without my dissertation support group I would never survive”.
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nursing dissertationYou have signed up for writing a nursing dissertation. What is your vision of a good nursing dissertation? What do you think are some important aspects of this kind of work?
By the way, do you know that nursing dissertations differ from other projects of this kind. On the one hand, such basic principles as structuring, formatting are pretty much the same. On the other hand, you are going to deal with a subject that is closely related to people and their health, which makes your nursing dissertation really important.
You do not have the right to make mistakes. Definitely, your findings will not be applied in real life straight away. Still, you need to be very careful and accurate when conducting research and presenting obtained results in your nursing dissertation.
Right now, you have a few ideas of what a good nursing dissertation is. This is why we recommend you start your work by looking through past dissertations. First, you will learn more about the overall organization of your nursing dissertation. Second, you will understand what topics are suitable for your project and what areas have already been investigated.
By the way, the choice of a topic for your nursing dissertation is one of the most significant stages. Take it seriously and do not hurry to make decisions. Keep in mind several rules:

  • Pick a subject that you will be able to handle;
  • Choose a subject that is of particular significance;
  • Make sure that you will be able to find enough sources to disclose your topic properly.

Now, let us give you several topic examples:

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find a dissertation topicSo much time has passed since you signed up for writing a dissertation, but you have not decided on a topic yet! Well, finding a dissertation topic is a very responsible step. However, postponing is not a way out.
The more doubts and hesitations you have, the stronger the possibility to make the wrong choice is.
Do you think that finding a dissertation topic in 15 minutes is impossible? Then, read this article!
How to find a dissertation topic in 15 minutes: Strategy 1
What was your favorite theme discussed in class?
Number one strategy for finding a dissertation topic is to think of a theme that you were good at. You may narrow down that theme or find new aspects to consider. The key point is that you should feel confident enough to investigate this theme.
How to find a dissertation topic in 15 minutes: Strategy 2
What book or movie related to your research area made a great impression on you?
This strategy for finding a dissertation topic will help you determine the area of your interests. For example, if you saw the movie Pearl Harbor and have to write a dissertation in History, choose the Japanese Attack of Pearl Harbor as your dissertation topic.
How to find a dissertation topic in 15 minutes: Strategy 3
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methodology section of a dissertationThe methodology section of a dissertation is a part that makes up to 20% of the entire dissertation project.
The main purpose of writing the methodology section of a dissertation is to discuss research. The guidelines presented below will help you make the methodology section of your dissertation properly.

  1. Briefly tell what kind of research you are going to conduct
    There are three main types of research:

    • Qualitative (based on theories);
    • Quantitative (based on numbers);
    • Mixed research (comprises the elements of both quantitative and qualitative).

    The kind of research you have to conduct depends mostly on your specific research area and on the topic of your project.

  2. Introduce the chosen research methods and explain your choice
    In order to complete this part of the dissertation methodology section successfully, you have to be sure that each method chosen is applicable to your particular dissertation topic. What is more, you have to explain why this or that method is effective or how it can help overcome possible difficulties. So, tell about it in this part of the methodology section of your dissertation.
  3. Describe the research procedure
    Some students think that the description of the research procedure is optional in the methodology section of a dissertation. Actually, they are wrong. You have to describe your research actions in the methodology section of the dissertation, otherwise your paper will be given back for revision.

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How to Win a Dissertation Grant

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dissertation grantDissertation grants are prestigious. Dissertation grants are useful. Dissertation grants are hard to get….
The fact that a dissertation grant is something you need to work hard on to obtain should not scare you off. Even if you do not get one, the experience will be unique. Now get to work if you really need a dissertation grant. This is what you are going to need:

  1. Commitment. Without a strong desire to work, without the necessity to win, you will not be able to prepare yourself for a sort of academic fight… with yourself. If you do not think there will be times when you will want to quit dissertation writing, you are wrong. This is why set real goals from the very beginning. Once you do this, work hard.
  2. Idea. A dissertation grant is about innovation. It is about development. Think that there will be thousands of other students longing to get the prize. All of them will be working on their personal research, an original and authentic idea. With stakes as high, you will have to spend some time realizing how to make your idea work.
  3. Requirements. You should know what dissertation grant you are applying to, and what the requirements are. Among the requirements, there is not only the length and writing style of your dissertation. It is the main goal, the expectations, the outcome.

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design dissertationsWell, you want everybody to know that you are a veritable expert in graphic design. This is why you have signed up to write a graphic design dissertation. Now you probably need several pieces of advice to start working on this project. This is exactly what you will find in this article.
Let us start with a general description of your future work.

  • Graphic design dissertations differ from dissertations on other subjects. Such project is more about visual materials and issues that can be put into practice later.
  • You have to demonstrate your competence in using various elements of graphic design when writing the graphic design dissertation. Thus, think over software and computer programs that will be the most effective for covering your topic.
  • It is better if the main subject of your graphic dissertation is related to your career.

Now, we want to concentrate on graphic design dissertation topics. The thing is that the ideas that can be introduced in graphic design dissertations are just endless. Therefore, selecting the final topic is not so easy. Here are several ideas to consider in your dissertation on graphic design.
Graphic Design during WW II
Definitely, there were no computers at those times. However, certain principles of making ads, for instance, existed. We suggest you investigate the WW II propaganda in your graphic design dissertation and evaluate graphic designs used.
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GIS Dissertation Topic Ideas

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GIS dissertationDo you lack topics and ideas for your GIS dissertation? This article is what you need in this case. It offers hot GIS dissertation topics. So, you may choose one of them and develop in your GIS dissertation or thesis.

  1. Geographical Information Systems Technology and its use in various fields
  2. To develop this idea in your GIS dissertation or thesis, tell about both geographical and digital techniques. In what fields are they used? Discuss their importance for these fields.

  3. Data Presentation by Means of Geographical Information Technology
  4. As far as you know, GIS allows to present data using raster and vector. Consider in your GIS dissertation the possible ways of data presentation using both raster and vector. Investigate the procedure of making images. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both raster and vectors in your GIS dissertation.

  5. Vehicle Navigation Systems and Their Use
  6. Geographical Information Systems are also used to create a kind of a map representing the network of roads. Such map is used for vehicle navigation systems. Explain the benefits of this map for route planning and guidance in your GIS dissertation. When developing this idea in your GIS dissertation, dwell upon the main indicators that such map represents, including road geometry, network topology, and related attributes.

  7. The Future of GIS

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Ford foundation dissertationThe present day complex of problems within academic research requires engagement of people able to help young researchers. That is what the Ford Foundation serves for.
‘We were founded to advance human welfare, and all of our work flows from this fundamental commitment’, is the Ford Foundation motto. They help everyone who needs help, but we will dwell upon the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship in this article.
Ford Foundation Dissertations Fellowship is one of the Ford Foundation programs providing dissertation funding needed to conduct dissertation research. Funding that the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship provides can be given to the organizations or individuals seeking grants.
How does the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship make grants?
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship supports representatives of diverse organizations or individuals by sponsoring their research. A program officer just analyzes the proposals of different students and chooses only the most promising works. Such works get support of the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship in conducting research.
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship: grant-making process
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film dissertationNowadays, film industry is developing rapidly. Every year really good movies are released. Modern technologies allow using outstanding special effects, graphics, sound and so on.
Although writing a dissertation is a challenging process, completing a film dissertation seems to be less difficult. Do you know why? The answer is very simple. You can write your film dissertation on your favorite movie. Do you have one? Then you are welcome to discuss any aspect about this film in your dissertation project.
Anyway, you are looking for several film dissertation ideas now and you will find them in this article.

  • First, any problem that you are interested in or that is considered to be a modern hot-button can be discussed in film dissertations. You will just have to consider it on a basis of a certain movie. For instance, you want to discuss the problems of African Americans. A good film dissertation idea would be to trace the image of black Americans in movies. For that purpose you can take any film showing the life of black people and starring a black actor (e.g. Eddie Murphy, Will Smith).
  • Another idea for your film dissertation is disclosing a certain film genre, for instance horror movies. We would suggest you to compare the horror films of the 1960s (like those of Alfred Hitchcock) and the modern horror movies in your film dissertation.

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Structure of a Dissertation

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dissertation structureHave you already finished your dissertation research? Now you are tet-a-tet with your thoughts and your head desperately needs someone to help you bring all thoughts together. This is exactly what you need a dissertation structure for.
Structuring a dissertation helps you synthesize all information, identify the most important data, and set aside the one that is of no importance for your project. Moreover, making the structure of a dissertation will help you organize selected essentials of your investigation into a logical chain.
It is more convenient to start working on the structure of your dissertation from the Main Body, since thus you will get an approximate idea of what the foundation of your project is and what things should support it.
The most widely-used structure of a dissertation looks like the following:

  • Abstract. Abstract is like an advertisement of a dissertation project that gives a general idea of your research. This is the first thing the dissertation committee will read. That is why abstract is an important part of the dissertation structure;
  • Introduction. Introduction is a no less important element in the structure of a dissertation, since the main purposes of research along with possible results and expectations are stated here;

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