definition of a thesis statementDo you want to know the definition of a thesis statement? Do you think it will help you learn creating strong thesis statements? Well, probably it will, probably it will not. Certainly, we can present you the definition of a thesis statement right now. But you know what, it will be a bit incorrect to give you just one dry definition of a thesis statement, because:

  1. there are actually more than one definition of a thesis statement;
  2. definitions should be given with additional explanations.

Only in this case will you learn making strong thesis statements and writing A+ papers. Below, you will find both definitions of a thesis statement and some explanations.
1st definition of a thesis statement
A thesis statement is a sentence where you declare what you are going to prove in your paper or argue about. It is a typical definition of a thesis statement that clearly expresses its gist. In other words, a thesis should reflect the central idea of your work.
2nd definition of a thesis statement
A thesis statement is a roadmap for the reader. Yes, basically you make a thesis for the reader so that he/she knows where you are going and what to expect from your paper.
3rd definition of a thesis statement
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abstract thesisSome students think that a thesis introduction is the first chapter to be read in their projects. Others think that conclusions and findings are usually read first. Probably, we will disappoint you if we say that an abstract in a thesis is what the committee and everybody else read first.
You may wonder why an abstract in a thesis plays such an important role, not an introduction or conclusions. Well, everything is simple. The thing is that an abstract in a thesis covers all those things you talk about in the introductory, concluding, and some other paragraphs in a very concise and clear fashion. So, we suppose you definitely need more info about how to write an abstract in a thesis.
The gist of a thesis abstract
In a few words, an abstract in a thesis can be defined as a summary of your project. It explains the scope of your work, the depth of your research, the significance of your findings. These are specific points that should be covered in your thesis abstract:

  • your research question;
  • research methods;
  • results of your work.

How long thesis abstracts should be
300 words is the average length of a thesis abstract. In some institutions, they allow to make abstracts no longer than 500 words. Anyway, it is an aspect that you should clarify with your advisor.
Special things to keep in mind about thesis abstracts
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postgraduate thesis or dissertationThe only idea that such a huge project as a postgraduate thesis or dissertation should be prepared makes almost all postgraduate students feel nervous and depressed. Obviously, you are one of them and have no idea how to cope with your postgraduate thesis or dissertation.
Well, we should say that although a postgraduate thesis/dissertation is really the longest project in your academic life, sooner or later you will manage to finish it, just like hundreds of other students.
Unfortunately, we cannot touch upon every single aspect of postgraduate thesis/dissertation writing. However, in this article, we will cover the most important things one should keep in mind.
When and how should you start working on your postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
The answer seems to be obvious. Start as soon as you can, because it will take much longer than you expect. Besides, it will not be a problem if you finish the project earlier.
The cleverest way to start working on the postgraduate thesis/dissertation is to find several samples and study them carefully.
How should I organize my postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
There is no universal structure for organizing postgraduate theses or dissertations, because rules vary. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult your advisor on the correct organization of your postgraduate thesis/dissertation.
Yet, as practice shows, almost all projects are organized according to the following structure:

  1. Title page;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Table of contents;
  4. Chapters;
  5. Bibliography;
  6. Appendices.

Quick tips for writing postgraduate theses and dissertations

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electrical engineering thesisIf you are fond of different electronic devices, and, in addition, you are a student, writing an electrical engineering thesis is what you need to approve and enlarge your level of knowledge.
Of course, it is not the easiest assignment and a lot should be done to accomplish it, but still, if you write a good electrical engineering thesis, it will be good for your future career.
There are 4 steps you need to take in order to write a perfect electrical engineering thesis:
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 1
Choose a topic you are eager to disclose. It should not be too difficult and it should be relevant to your background knowledge.
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 2
Think about the investigation process, which you will perform in order to present your practical abilities. You may take to pieces your brother’s computer, find interesting electronic schemes and give a full description to those in your electrical engineering thesis.
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 3
You should read a lot of different literature, which allows you to comprehend everything you are doing from the theoretical point of view. When you start your experiment, you should be sure that there will be no negative consequences (mind safety measures), and everything will be done correctly. So, for your electrical engineering thesis theory takes the first place.
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 4
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thesis questionnairesDo you think that making a thesis questionnaire can help you prepare your project? Well, actually it is one of the effective methods of thesis research. In this way, you can get real-life data, opinions of ordinary people on the subject of your thesis.
Why is this important? The reason is obvious. Ideally, theses should be done to make some practical findings and contributions to fields that are important to people. Making thesis questionnaires seems to be really effective and they help a researcher find out what people are concerned about.
So, you have some doubts on how to make your thesis questionnaire. Let us explain you how everything should be organized so that you can get the best results.
Before making thesis questionnaires
Needless to say, your thesis questionnaire should be planned thoroughly in order to get accurate results. Follow these simple rules:

  • Decide on the participants of your thesis questionnaire. Will gender, age, nationality, some other factors affect the results?
  • Find examples of thesis questionnaires related to your topic and check how they are organized.
  • Do not hesitate to discuss with your thesis adviser all vague points you have about the thesis questionnaire. You can also consult other students who have experience in making a questionnaire for a thesis.

Making thesis questionnaires
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apa format thesisMaybe, you knew it from the very beginning that writing a thesis using APA format will not be easy. Now, when you are working on the project, you can make sure that it is really so.
Yes, we agree that all those APA thesis rules and requirements are boring and really annoying. Still, they help to prepare an accurate and a perfectly organized paper. Besides, your ability to follow all the rules is extremely important if you want to publish a thesis (and you certainly will!). Publishers do not accept APA format theses where official rules are violated.
So, better get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions, find the latest edition of the APA style manual, and start learning the rules of APA thesis writing. By the way, sample APA theses will also be very useful.
Below, we have listed general guidelines for writing a thesis using APA format.
Mind your references
Always keep track of your references and make sure that each one is in its right place. Improperly organized references may be the cause of discrediting your APA format thesis.
Abbreviations in APA thesis format
Professors are usually very strict when it comes to using abbreviations in APA format theses. Remember the following rules:

  • If some abbreviation appears for the first time in your APA format thesis, you need to explain it.
  • Commonly used abbreviations do not require explanations.
  • Do not use an apostrophe in your APA thesis when you make plurals from abbreviations, e.g.

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architectural thesis writingYou are going to be an architect, a creator of really amazing projects. Yet, right now, you are working on one of the most important projects in your life – your architectural thesis. Without it, all your plans might not come true.
By the way, architectural thesis writing is rather similar to building a house. You need several essential “building blocks” that will build a solid basis for your future architectural thesis.
Let us give you more details about each of these “blocks” so that you can create an effective architectural thesis.
Architectural thesis writing: “building block” #1
Inspiration – this is what all architects need. Without inspiration, buildings seem to be ugly, and the same will happen to your architectural thesis. Imagine your future projects, incredible buildings that you will make one day. In other words, you need to have appropriate mood to succeed in preparing your architectural thesis.
Architectural thesis writing: “building block” # 2
Choosing an architectural thesis topic is the next “block” that builds a solid foundation for your work. There is a great variety of issues to consider, but you need to pick something you really feel passionate about.
Here are some architectural thesis topic ideas for you:

  • Gothic architecture;
  • Southern architecture;
  • Landscape architecture;
  • Western design practice;
  • Environmental issues in architecture, etc.

Architectural thesis writing: “building block” # 3
Now, you need to discuss your ideas for the architecture thesis with an advisor and get his/her approval. If you get it, it means you are moving in the right direction.
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4 Stages of Thesis Proofreading

Category: Thesis Writing

thesis proofreadingMany students truly believe that thesis proofreading does not play a significant role and is a simple waste of time. In fact, thesis proofreading is no less important than thesis writing itself.
Even if thesis proofreading is the last stage of this whole undertaking, it may influence your grade considerably.
The main reason why students neglect thesis proofreading is very simple. They feel completely exhausted by the time their thesis is written. This is why students prefer to make a quick overlook of the work instead of thorough thesis proofreading.
So, if you want to prepare an A+ thesis, you need both a good thesis writing guide and a high-quality thesis proofreading guide. This is what our article will be about: we are going to present you 4 most essential steps to thesis proofreading.
1st stage of thesis proofreading
Do not get down to thesis proofreading straight after you finish writing. Let your brain rest for a week or so, depending on how much available time you have. Only after that, you can move on to thesis proofreading.
2nd stage of thesis proofreading
Read each chapter of your paper, check pagination, margins, use of the required citation style, etc. Besides, at this stage of thesis proofreading, you need to check the logical flow of your paper. Make sure each paragraph and chapter is connected with the help of transition sentences.
3rd stage of thesis proofreading
This stage of thesis proofreading is the most important one. Divide your work into several parts. Check the following:

  • Spelling and possible typos;
  • Grammar and sentence’s structuring;
  • Punctuation (special attention to your reference list);
  • Word use.

4th stage of thesis proofreading
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How to Conduct Thesis Research

Category: Thesis Writing

thesis researchIt might sound awkward, but in academic life a good thesis is the best proof that you can take off in your professional career. Thesis research will take more time than the writing process itself, but this is the reality you will need to get used to.
The most typical tip on how to conduct thesis research is to take time. Nothing concrete, though. As to a more detailed advice on thesis research, how about this one – you have to be really into the investigation of your topic. It is nothing and everything at the same time.
On the one hand, everybody needs a topic to write about. On the other hand, your thesis research will last for more than a year and there has to be something to keep you going. Well, a topic you are interested in is just a reason to keep up with the pace of thesis research.
Apart from the topic, here are three useful hints for conducting thesis research:

  1. Get friendly with your advisor. You will not be the only person he/she will supervise during thesis research and writing. You will have to get used to the fact that all the consultations have to be scheduled. But it is worth your time, because a thesis advisor is usually the person to know if not everything then the most important about your thesis topic. The consultations will be very useful.
  2. Realize that thesis research will require constant attribution. You will have to plan your time and work to see clearly how much time you might need to visit certain libraries, conduct online research, take notes, etc.
  3. Revise your notes once in a while to see how many sources you have already studied, what is unnecessary, and what else you need to make a certain chapter complete. This will keep your thesis research alive and going.

All we can add is good luck! If you need help with your thesis research, we are ready to assist you 24/7!

writing a thesis paperYou cannot sleep and eat, since everything you can think about is how to complete a thesis paper. You want to rest but keep thinking that one chapter of your thesis paper is not ready yet. You think of how to improve the project while having fun with your friends, and rush home once some idea comes to your mind. It is a nightmare! It is a complete disaster!
Well, how long are you going to torture yourself? Do you know that writing a thesis paper may be rather captivating and interesting? Let us share several secrets of how to enjoy writing a thesis paper.
Writing a thesis paper is a perfect opportunity to avoid oral exams
Just think about all those “poor” students who should prepare for oral exams, revise all the material learned, etc. When writing a thesis paper, you have a certain issue to consider and enough time to find necessary information to disclose it. Thus, writing a thesis paper is not the worst thing that might happen to you.
Writing a thesis paper will help you become an expert in a certain field of study
You choose a topic for writing a thesis paper. You gather material, find out interesting facts, analyze, and study everything. Now, you know a lot about the subject under consideration. Share your knowledge with the reader and demonstrate your writing skills.
Writing a thesis paper can help you become “popular” among scientists
After you finish writing a thesis paper, you need to defend it. If your defense is successful, you have all chances to publish your project. Lots of scientists and academicians might pay attention to your ideas and even use them.
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