postgraduate thesis or dissertationThe only idea that such a huge project as a postgraduate thesis or dissertation should be prepared makes almost all postgraduate students feel nervous and depressed. Obviously, you are one of them and have no idea how to cope with your postgraduate thesis or dissertation.
Well, we should say that although a postgraduate thesis/dissertation is really the longest project in your academic life, sooner or later you will manage to finish it, just like hundreds of other students.
Unfortunately, we cannot touch upon every single aspect of postgraduate thesis/dissertation writing. However, in this article, we will cover the most important things one should keep in mind.
When and how should you start working on your postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
The answer seems to be obvious. Start as soon as you can, because it will take much longer than you expect. Besides, it will not be a problem if you finish the project earlier.
The cleverest way to start working on the postgraduate thesis/dissertation is to find several samples and study them carefully.
How should I organize my postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
There is no universal structure for organizing postgraduate theses or dissertations, because rules vary. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult your advisor on the correct organization of your postgraduate thesis/dissertation.
Yet, as practice shows, almost all projects are organized according to the following structure:

  1. Title page;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Table of contents;
  4. Chapters;
  5. Bibliography;
  6. Appendices.

Quick tips for writing postgraduate theses and dissertations

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electrical engineering thesisIf you are fond of different electronic devices, and, in addition, you are a student, writing an electrical engineering thesis is what you need to approve and enlarge your level of knowledge.
Of course, it is not the easiest assignment and a lot should be done to accomplish it, but still, if you write a good electrical engineering thesis, it will be good for your future career.
There are 4 steps you need to take in order to write a perfect electrical engineering thesis:
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 1
Choose a topic you are eager to disclose. It should not be too difficult and it should be relevant to your background knowledge.
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 2
Think about the investigation process, which you will perform in order to present your practical abilities. You may take to pieces your brother’s computer, find interesting electronic schemes and give a full description to those in your electrical engineering thesis.
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 3
You should read a lot of different literature, which allows you to comprehend everything you are doing from the theoretical point of view. When you start your experiment, you should be sure that there will be no negative consequences (mind safety measures), and everything will be done correctly. So, for your electrical engineering thesis theory takes the first place.
Electrical engineering thesis writing – STEP 4
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thesis questionnairesDo you think that making a thesis questionnaire can help you prepare your project? Well, actually it is one of the effective methods of thesis research. In this way, you can get real-life data, opinions of ordinary people on the subject of your thesis.
Why is this important? The reason is obvious. Ideally, theses should be done to make some practical findings and contributions to fields that are important to people. Making thesis questionnaires seems to be really effective and they help a researcher find out what people are concerned about.
So, you have some doubts on how to make your thesis questionnaire. Let us explain you how everything should be organized so that you can get the best results.
Before making thesis questionnaires
Needless to say, your thesis questionnaire should be planned thoroughly in order to get accurate results. Follow these simple rules:

  • Decide on the participants of your thesis questionnaire. Will gender, age, nationality, some other factors affect the results?
  • Find examples of thesis questionnaires related to your topic and check how they are organized.
  • Do not hesitate to discuss with your thesis adviser all vague points you have about the thesis questionnaire. You can also consult other students who have experience in making a questionnaire for a thesis.

Making thesis questionnaires
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apa format thesisMaybe, you knew it from the very beginning that writing a thesis using APA format will not be easy. Now, when you are working on the project, you can make sure that it is really so.
Yes, we agree that all those APA thesis rules and requirements are boring and really annoying. Still, they help to prepare an accurate and a perfectly organized paper. Besides, your ability to follow all the rules is extremely important if you want to publish a thesis (and you certainly will!). Publishers do not accept APA format theses where official rules are violated.
So, better get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions, find the latest edition of the APA style manual, and start learning the rules of APA thesis writing. By the way, sample APA theses will also be very useful.
Below, we have listed general guidelines for writing a thesis using APA format.
Mind your references
Always keep track of your references and make sure that each one is in its right place. Improperly organized references may be the cause of discrediting your APA format thesis.
Abbreviations in APA thesis format
Professors are usually very strict when it comes to using abbreviations in APA format theses. Remember the following rules:

  • If some abbreviation appears for the first time in your APA format thesis, you need to explain it.
  • Commonly used abbreviations do not require explanations.
  • Do not use an apostrophe in your APA thesis when you make plurals from abbreviations, e.g.

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How to Conduct Thesis Research

Category: Thesis Writing

thesis researchIt might sound awkward, but in academic life a good thesis is the best proof that you can take off in your professional career. Thesis research will take more time than the writing process itself, but this is the reality you will need to get used to.
The most typical tip on how to conduct thesis research is to take time. Nothing concrete, though. As to a more detailed advice on thesis research, how about this one – you have to be really into the investigation of your topic. It is nothing and everything at the same time.
On the one hand, everybody needs a topic to write about. On the other hand, your thesis research will last for more than a year and there has to be something to keep you going. Well, a topic you are interested in is just a reason to keep up with the pace of thesis research.
Apart from the topic, here are three useful hints for conducting thesis research:

  1. Get friendly with your advisor. You will not be the only person he/she will supervise during thesis research and writing. You will have to get used to the fact that all the consultations have to be scheduled. But it is worth your time, because a thesis advisor is usually the person to know if not everything then the most important about your thesis topic. The consultations will be very useful.
  2. Realize that thesis research will require constant attribution. You will have to plan your time and work to see clearly how much time you might need to visit certain libraries, conduct online research, take notes, etc.
  3. Revise your notes once in a while to see how many sources you have already studied, what is unnecessary, and what else you need to make a certain chapter complete. This will keep your thesis research alive and going.

All we can add is good luck! If you need help with your thesis research, we are ready to assist you 24/7!

what is a thesis statementDo you not understand what a thesis statement is? Do you want someone to give you a clear answer to the question what is a thesis statement? Then, you have come to the right place. This article will help you get the very gist of a thesis statement and formulate your own thesis easily.
What is a thesis statement?
A thesis statement is a sentence or a few sentences that identify the purpose of writing a paper or introduce its main idea.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 1.
A thesis is a statement of your personal assertion, not a statement of facts
If you write that factories eject poisoning gases into the atmosphere, you will just state a fact. What you need is to express your personal belief or opinion (about the problem) you are going to prove.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 2.
A thesis statement does not just announce a subject. It takes a stand.
If you tell what your paper is about, you will present the main theme of the project. A good thesis statement should introduce a standpoint on the problem under consideration.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 3.
A thesis statement is not the title of your paper but its main idea.
To formulate a thesis statement means to explain what you are going to write about in the paper.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 4.
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Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

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thesis proposalDo you want to get a valuable piece of advice on how to create a good thesis proposal? Then, this article is what you actually need. Below, you will find tips for writing a strong thesis proposal.

  1. Consider the steps you need to take
  2. The following steps should be taken in order to create a worthwhile thesis proposal:

    • Present a problem;
    • Evaluate related research;
    • Consolidate or tabulate findings;
    • Propose possible solutions to the problem;
    • Identify the ways of investigating the problem (e.g. an experiment);
    • Create a model of investigation;
    • Test it;
    • Write a paper.
  3. Keep to the required structure
  4. Usually, the structure of a thesis proposal depends on the kind of research that you should conduct. If you are to do quantitative research, your thesis proposal should consist of 3 main parts:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature Review;
    • Methods.

    If you are to conduct qualitative research, your thesis proposal will consist of:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature Review;
    • Results;
    • Conclusions;
    • References.

    Some exceptions and changes are also possible. That is why before structuring your thesis proposal, consult your supervisor.

  5. Mind the style of writing

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thesis defenseA thesis defense… For every thesis writer, it is a long-awaited and momentous event. It is the final stage of such an exhaustive and long process as thesis writing. We can imagine that great variety of feelings and thoughts crowding your head. What if I fail? What if I do not have all the answers? What if I forget something important?
Well, your panic is quite natural. However, our strong advice is – stop it! Secrets of a successful thesis defense presented in this article will help you do it.
What is the best way to get a general idea of what a thesis defense is?
If you want to know how everything will be arranged during your thesis defense, there is one perfect way to do this. Attend several thesis defenses of other students.
When should you get prepared for the thesis defense? What particular things do you need to do?
Your preparation should start at least two days before the event, though the earlier the better. Make sure you have a plan of the most important things to present about your project. Make sure you have all the additional materials that you are going to use during your thesis defense.
Getting ready for the questions that you will be asked
Definitely, no one knows what questions might arise in the heads of the committee members. Still, you can predict them. Think about the most controversial and significant issues about your topic. Most likely, they will be discussed during the thesis defense.
Your behavior at the thesis defense
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thesis proposalsA thesis proposal is a paper presenting a general overview of research students are planning to conduct. Usually, thesis proposals are made in the form of written reports. Students have to discuss their projects at the thesis proposal defense presentation and get approval to conduct research.
The major purposes of thesis proposals
Once you have to write a thesis proposal, you should clearly realize that your main objective is to convince the thesis committee that:

  • Your research is significant;
  • You will make an original contribution to the chosen research field;
  • Your investigation is interesting to you and corresponds to your level of knowledge;
  • You can complete research by the deadline.

Mind that there are some differences between Master’s and Doctoral thesis proposals. The main difference lies in the duration and complexity of research students have to conduct. Still, both types of thesis proposals have something in common. They inform the reader on your purposes, methods you are going to use, and predict the outcomes of your research.
Usually, thesis proposals have the following structure:
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Thesis Subjects

Category: Thesis Writing

thesis subjectsChoosing a thesis subject is the first step to making the thesis project itself. The way you take this step will influence the final result.
A successfully chosen thesis subject enhances your chances to succeed. The wrong choice of a subject for your thesis can cause a failure.
Many students find it challenging to select something particular from the variety of thesis subjects offered. They feel miserable as if encountering face-to-face a huge world of difficulties. There is no one to help them. Their awareness of such situation confuses them and prevents from making the right decision.
If you do not want your choice of a thesis subject to be that problematic, mind the following criteria:

  • Your personal interest in a thesis subject
  • If a thesis subject is not interesting to you, the work will not be progressing. You will be putting it off constantly, so, much time will be wasted. Being curious about thesis subjects helps students become more informed. Besides, interesting thesis subjects are a strong motivation and driving force.

  • Needs of the research community
  • There should be a certain need in investigating thesis subjects. That is why supervisors usually offer a list of possible thesis subjects. ‘Know your reader’, as the majority of famous writers say. So, know the research community to choose the topic that can interest them.

  • Your supervisor’s advice
  • To follow supervisor’s advice does not mean to trust it blindly. You should have your inner voice. Your supervisor’s point of view obtruded will certainly cause a failure.

  • Availability of the sources

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