4 Keys to Writing a Zoology Thesis

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Zoology thesisWhy are bats the only mammals that can fly? Why should bees fly over 2 million of flowers in order to make 1 kg of honey? Why do scorpions eat nothing for 2 years, and chiggers – for 10 years? If you do not know answers to these questions yet, you have a brilliant chance to find them out while writing a Zoology thesis. And this article is aimed at helping you write your Zoology thesis.
The topic of a Zoology thesis should be neither too broad nor too narrow
Endangered Species is rather a broad topic for a Zoology thesis that can be considered from various perspectives. A good Zoology thesis topic should be more specific. For example, you may devote your Zoology thesis to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service programs designed to reduce threats to endangered animals. In this case, you can analyze the effectiveness of these programs.
Use data provided by National Geographic or governmental websites
Do not trust the first website you find on the Internet blindly. There is a lot of unreliable information online, and you should be careful when searching for sources. It is much safer to use websites with a steady reputation. The following sites can be much useful for writing your Zoology thesis:
http://www. fws .gov
http://www. environment. gov.au/biodiversity/migratory/
http://www. nationalgeographic .com/
Stick to the rules of scientific writing
The scientific style of writing means that you should:

  • Keep sentences no longer than 30 words;
  • Know the meaning of words and terms you use;
  • Avoid emotional words, e.g. progressive, crank, sound, good, etc.;
  • Use Active Voice instead of Passive;
  • Avoid using “I”.

Use examples
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dissertation guidelinesWriting a dissertation requires efforts and time to be invested into its completion.
Of course, tutors provide help and set requirements. However, most of the times these requirements are not enough to create a good project:

  • Size: 10,000 – 15,000 words
  • Structure: some chapters are optional, etc.

This is why it is very important to have dissertation guidelines at hand. Such dissertation guidelines will help you organize your work, sort out everything, keep track of the steps to be taken, etc.
So, let us present you dissertation guidelines that will help you start working on your dissertation project.
Dissertation guidelines: point # 1
It is better for a student to choose a topic in accordance with personal preferences, interests, and background knowledge. Consider the material discussed in class and think of something you are really good at.
Dissertation guidelines: point # 2
Find a dissertation advisor. This person will help you set a timetable, approve/disprove the chosen methods of research, direct you throughout the research and writing processes, answer your questions, make necessary changes, etc. As you can see, he/she is a very important person.
Dissertation guidelines: point # 3
Find out all requirements. What format/style, etc. should you use? How many sources should you use?
Dissertation guidelines: point # 4
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thesis bindersYou are about to finish writing your thesis, and now you have to think about a good thesis binder.
Well, you have come to the right place, since this article presents the most important information about thesis binders.
First, let us give you some basic recommendations on how to prepare your thesis project for thesis binding.

  • Scan the pages of the original copy of your thesis in PDF format. Some thesis binders also require theses in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • Use paper of high quality (25-100% cotton bond). Usually, thesis binders require papers typed on white paper, 8, 5” – 11” size standard.
  • Leave 1 – 1, 5” on the left margin to facilitate binding. All other margins should be 1 – ¼”;
  • Include your full name, the official name of your department, the title of your thesis, and the name of the degree you expect to get.
  • Use the following site to register a copyright for your project: http://www. loc .gov/copyright/
    Below, you will find a list of thesis and dissertation binders from the UK. Choose the thesis binder that is close to the region you live in.

The UK thesis binders

Thesis binder
Alinea Bindery: 46 Porchester Road, London. W2 6ET.
The binder is situated near Royal Oak tube or a short walk from Queensway or Bayswater stations.
Tel/Fax: 0207 7276659. E-mail: Patrick@alinea. fsnet .co.uk.
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what is a thesis statementDo you not understand what a thesis statement is? Do you want someone to give you a clear answer to the question what is a thesis statement? Then, you have come to the right place. This article will help you get the very gist of a thesis statement and formulate your own thesis easily.
What is a thesis statement?
A thesis statement is a sentence or a few sentences that identify the purpose of writing a paper or introduce its main idea.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 1.
A thesis is a statement of your personal assertion, not a statement of facts
If you write that factories eject poisoning gases into the atmosphere, you will just state a fact. What you need is to express your personal belief or opinion (about the problem) you are going to prove.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 2.
A thesis statement does not just announce a subject. It takes a stand.
If you tell what your paper is about, you will present the main theme of the project. A good thesis statement should introduce a standpoint on the problem under consideration.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 3.
A thesis statement is not the title of your paper but its main idea.
To formulate a thesis statement means to explain what you are going to write about in the paper.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 4.
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Choosing a Thesis Adviser

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thesis adviserChoosing a thesis adviser can be rather tricky. You do not know a person until you start working with her or him.
Sometimes, students do not pay attention to the choice of a thesis adviser. In fact, they just do not realize that a thesis adviser can considerably influence the outcome of your work on a thesis project.
So, in this article, you will find useful tips on how to make the right choice of a thesis adviser.

  • Choose a person who is interesting to you
    It is crucial to find a person who can make your conversations interactive, thus, interesting to you. A good thesis adviser can give you not only useful thesis advice but also cheer you up be saying “Chin up! You will cope with it!”
  • Choose a like-minded person
    Thesis advisers are all different – philosophers, dreamers, practical workers, etc. Of course, each of them is a professional, but you need to find someone who can get along with you. The remarks of such person will be valuable and collaboration will be effective.
  • Do not choose someone who is always busy

Many respected thesis advisers with considerable experience can introduce you to other outstanding professors who can help you with your research, etc. However, they may be unable to devote enough time to you and your project. So, maybe it is better for you to choose a thesis adviser who is close to retirement. He/she will have enough time to share his/her knowledge and give you wise thesis advice.
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UMI thesis databaseDo you want to submit your thesis to the UMI or ProQuest dissertation database? Then, guidelines on how to make a digital manuscript for the UMI thesis database will be right in time for you. So, read this article and follow the guidelines presented below.

  1. Supply an additional copy of your thesis abstract in English if the primary language is NOT English. There is no strict word limit for a UMI thesis abstract. It depends on your ability to describe the research done.
  2. Make sure that the text of your UMI thesis is produced in digital, microfilm, microfiche, or print media.
  3. Make sure the margins of your UMI thesis are:
    • Left: 1 ½ “
    • Right: 1”
    • Top and Bottom: 1”

    This requirement for the margins of UMI theses is applicable to all materials (including figures, headers/footers, footnotes/endnotes, and full-page images) except page numbers.

  4. Make sure you use the right font in your UMI thesis. Embedded fonts are required. However, Arial or Times New Roman is also accepted in UMI theses. If your UMI thesis has some non-English words or quotations, you are allowed to use italics.
  5. Format the images of your UMI thesis in GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpeg), or TIFF (.tif);
  6. Check whether your audio format is acceptable for UMI theses. Usually, they require AIF (.aif), CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, MIDI (.midi), MPEG-2, SND (.snd), or WAV (.wav);
  7. Check whether your video files are made in correspondence with the main requirements for the UMI thesis. The required formats of UMI thesis video files are as follows:
    • Apple Quick Time (.mov);
    • Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved (.avi);
    • MPEG (.mpg)

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buy a thesisWe suppose you already know that there is a practical solution to your thesis problems. All you have to do is buy a thesis.
15 years ago, you would have had to write a thesis by yourself. Now, if you have Internet and money, you can find any online company and buy a thesis from it.
Still, there are certain measures that you should take in order to avoid online fraud. So, let us present you top 5 things that you should do before you buy a thesis:

  1. Study the web site of the chosen company
  2. At a glance, this may sound rather obvious. Still, many people do not pay special attention to what is written on their web site. Carefully read the information presented there. What services do they provide? What guarantees do they have? You should know all this before you buy a thesis.

  3. Make sure you can contact the chosen company any time you need
  4. Before you buy a thesis, call the company and contact its representatives.

  5. Read testimonials
  6. Testimonials will tell you a lot about the company’s reputation. This is why we strongly recommend you read them before you buy a thesis. Are customers satisfied with the papers the company delivers? Does the company provide reliable services?

  7. Make sure you will be given a plagiarism report
  8. If you do not want to worry about the plagiarism issue, make sure that the company will send you a plagiarism report. If you buy a written online thesis, make sure you will be the only owner of this paper.

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Thesis Assistance and Its Importance

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thesis assistanceThesis assistance is really important. It is inevitable. Unless this is your fifth thesis in a row, you will need an experienced review, advice, hints. You will need someone to look at your writing professionally and not just say: “Wow, that’s pretty cool. There is no way I am going to be able to do the same. Respect”. You need someone to say: “Yes. This idea will work. But only if you use another approach, and in my viewpoint this approach should be…”. Now, this is what we call professional thesis assistance.
If your thesis advisor already told you everything on the topic and you still need help, there is a way out. Here is a moment when we step in. Our thesis assistance is known for absolute professionalism. We are available 24/7 all days a week. Here is what thesis assistance we can offer:

  1. Starting from minor thesis assistance – we edit and proofread. We do not simply eliminate grammar and punctuation mistakes. We fix major text awkwardness and clumsiness, make sure the structure of your thesis corresponds to the requirements of academic written, everything fits together well and interacts with the main idea.
  2. Our thesis assistance is also known for deep and thorough research. We are familiar with all the research engines, have a big database, and employ professionals who know exactly what you need for your writing. This is called professional thesis assistance.
  3. Anything – from an introduction up to a literature review – is not a problem for our writing experts. It may be the first thesis for you, but definitely not for them. They are ready to provide thesis assistance of the highest quality and reliability.

undergraduate thesisAn undergraduate thesis is not an easy task to complete. You have to conduct primary-source research, collect and analyze evidences, and make a sound argument on the chosen topic. However, the task can be simplified with our help. So, take into consideration the hints given below. They will help you create a worthwhile undergraduate thesis.
About your argument
Your argument or the thesis statement of your undergraduate thesis should be stated clearly in the introductory part. Each subsequent part should relate directly to your argument.
Some tutors say that a good thesis statement should pass the “so what” test. Mind it when creating your own thesis. Why should the reader care about it? Make your thesis so that it reflects your voice but not simply reports information.
About quotations
The point of an undergraduate thesis is to provide YOUR OWN interpretation of certain information. Explain it in your own words and give it your own voice. Quote secondary sources only when necessary. For instance, if you want to criticize a particular scholar’s argument, you may quote it in the undergraduate thesis.
About evidences
Mostly, an undergraduate thesis requires evidences taken from primary sources. However, sometimes they can be taken from secondary sources as well. Anyway, do not forget about footnotes while giving evidences in your undergraduate thesis. Also, remember that you need to persuade and prove that the central argument of your undergraduate thesis is true. This should be done with the help of evidences.
About common mistakes
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Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

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thesis proposalDo you want to get a valuable piece of advice on how to create a good thesis proposal? Then, this article is what you actually need. Below, you will find tips for writing a strong thesis proposal.

  1. Consider the steps you need to take
  2. The following steps should be taken in order to create a worthwhile thesis proposal:

    • Present a problem;
    • Evaluate related research;
    • Consolidate or tabulate findings;
    • Propose possible solutions to the problem;
    • Identify the ways of investigating the problem (e.g. an experiment);
    • Create a model of investigation;
    • Test it;
    • Write a paper.
  3. Keep to the required structure
  4. Usually, the structure of a thesis proposal depends on the kind of research that you should conduct. If you are to do quantitative research, your thesis proposal should consist of 3 main parts:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature Review;
    • Methods.

    If you are to conduct qualitative research, your thesis proposal will consist of:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature Review;
    • Results;
    • Conclusions;
    • References.

    Some exceptions and changes are also possible. That is why before structuring your thesis proposal, consult your supervisor.

  5. Mind the style of writing

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