business-report-formatStudents who major in management or administration have to write many business reports. For them, the knowledge of business report format is of great importance. This article will focus on the structure of such papers and their style. Most importantly, this article will offer many tips that will help you in the long term.

Business Report Format: Looking at Its Structure

Report writing is not a very challenging task for a person who knows how such papers should be structured. Overall, they have to include the following components:

  1. An executive summary that briefly describes the main questions discussed in the report and presents the major findings. This section has to give the gist of the entire paper.
  2. Background. In this section, you should explain the problem that you intend to solve and the objectives that your organization has to achieve.
  3. The methodology that was used to collect and analyze data.
  4. The evaluation of various alternatives that are available to the company.
  5. Recommendations.
  6. Conclusion, reference list, and appendixes.

Business Report Format: Making the Paper More Readable

There is another issue that you need to consider when working on your business reports. In particular, such papers must enable the reader to find the necessary information as quickly as possible. This is how you can help your reader:

  1. First, you should highlight the headings in bold type to make them more easily identifiable.
  2. Secondly, you need to make use of visual aids. A well-constructed table, diagram or chart can be extremely informative. They can be of great use when you have to present quantitative data.
  3. Moreover, bullet points can help you better present your main recommendations or arguments.
  4. Finally, you should make sure that your sentences are clear and concise. A business report is not an exercise in creative writing, and you should avoid too complex phrases and sentences that can mislead the reader.

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business-research-topicsBusiness Research Topics Creation Is an Incredibly Easy Process!
Need help with your business paper topic?
Looking for an idea for your business paper?
You’ve come to the right place – here, you’ll see 30 best topics for business papers ever!
Business Research Topics List: The Most Ingenious Suggestions.
Are you ready to see the Top 30 best business research topics ideas ever? Well, then, look at the list below and you’ll understand what really cool research topics in business look like!

  1. The Role of Competitive Intelligence in the World Market;
  2. Business Online: The Significance of E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
  3. Marketing Mix: Definition, Basic Elements and Its Role in Business Development;
  4. The Importance of Collaboration for Knowledge Communities;
  5. Connective Knowledge in Contemporary Business: Methods and Tools;
  6. Current Techniques in Management: The Efficiency of Innovations;
  7. Small Business Wins Against Large Corporations. Reasons for Success;
  8. Knowledge Communities and the Importance of Their Collaboration;
  9. The Many Faces of Franchise Ownership: From Chain Stores to Monopolies;
  10. Globalization and World Business; Getting Ready for the Consequences;
  11. Independent Business Promotion: Is It More than Merely a Tendency?
  12. Business and the Credit Policy: The Prospects for Future Improvement;
  13. Business Ethics vs. Concrete Jungle World. When Being Fair Is of no Profit;
  14. The Aftermath of the Close Corporations Development;
  15. The Effect of Bank Stakes Raise on the General Economy;
  16. The Antitrust System Regulates World Trade… Doesn’t It?
  17. Corporate Accountability Can Eliminate Business Fraud;
  18. The Foundations of Bargaining: Basic Principles and Key Challenges;
  19. What Efficient Leadership Is: Developing a Business Strategy;
  20. Corporate Financial Policy Change: Difficulties of Adaptation;
  21. Consistent Executive Mechanism: Definition, Elements, Work Principle;
  22. Experimental Economies and the Monetary Equilibrium: Exploring the New Methods of Economy Sustainment;
  23. The Process of Negotiation as the Basic Business Element: Essentials, Challenges, Ideas;
  24. Surviving the Global Financial Crisis Aftermaths. The Basic Issues;
  25. Do All Business Problems Have to Be Faced as a Whole?
  26. Outsourcing as a Crucial Element of Company Development;
  27. Team Management and the Assets of a Strong Leader;
  28. Stages of Creative Management in Practice. Planning vs. Implementation;
  29. The Cyclic Nature of the Business Process: Surviving the Crises;
  30. The Current Issues of the Eurozone: After the Formation Period.

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Every day there happen some situations in the modern world, which need an immediate solution. Most of them are hard to solve because of inefficient material state. Indeed, millions of people on the planet need financial support. This problem is a burning issue of today, and its discussion can be realized in a financial assistance essay.
Financial assistance essay: Involving the law
Writing a financial assistance essay usually involves a little research to be done. Depending on what country the author lives in, the terms of giving a financial support to different social groups may vary. That is why, it is worth learning the laws of a particular country before writing a financial assistance essay.
To write an essay on financial assistance, one may investigate such issues as:

  1. Supporting the victims of accidents
  2. Caring about old people
  3. Assisting families with many children
  4. Upbringing children without parents

There are many other social groups to discuss. The main questions to answer in a financial assistance essay are:

  • Who gets the aid?
  • Who gives the money?
  • What are the conditions?

Financial assistance essay: Giving examples
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When students are assigned to write essays on murder, they try to choose some specific example and dwell upon it. Students know that to hand in a powerful essay, the idea should be perfect, catching and interesting. We are going to provide students with some interesting and innovative ideas on essays on murder on the basis of the books which describe some specific murders.
One of the main reasons why books, mostly mystery books, were chosen for the analysis is that in this case students’ essays on murder are going to consider some specific topic but not just general ideas and concepts.
Mystery books as the basis for students’ essays on murder

  1. Students’ essays on murder may pay attention to the book Murder in Grub Street by Bruce Alexander and dwell upon the fact that if a person is caught red-handed, he/she may be not a murder.
  2. Death Comes as the End is a book by Agatha Christie which may be a focus of students’ essays on murder. The book attracts attention by the fact that the actions take place in the ancient Egypt and the murder is covered with mystery and lack of information.
  3. Students may cast light on the story The Brown Hand by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Students may underline the problem of religion and real life in their essays on murder.
  4. It can be interesting to dwell upon Father Brown in students’ essays on murder. Many stories by Gilbert Keith Chesterton are written with the participation of this person.

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Writing an essay on the death penalty is a very important task. You will have an opportunity to study this controversial issue in detail and to formulate your grounded opinion. We offer you some tips for writing an essay on the death penalty and essay topic ideas.
Essay on the Death Penalty: Topic Ideas

  1. Should the death penalty be banned?
  2. Is a possibility of wrongful conviction a sufficient reason to abolish the death penalty?
  3. Why does the death penalty still exist in the USA?
  4. Is the death penalty revenge, a punishment or the way to prevent future crimes?
  5. Which crimes should be punished with the death penalty?
  6. The death penalty and Christianity
  7. Pros and cons of the death penalty
  8. The death penalty and the human rights
  9. Should the death penalty be applied to juvenile offenders?
  10. Public opinion on the death penalty in the USA

Essay on the Death Penalty: Writing Tips
The death penalty is a very controversial topic, and there are two opposite points of view on it. Nevertheless, both of them deserve understanding and respect. Make sure you have understood the position of both sides and their arguments before you write your essay on death penalty.
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When working on your essay every detail is of great importance. Indication of all the essay assignments is the first step of the piece of writing. Everything should be put in logical order and essay assignments also require a lot of attention. The working on essay is very scrupulous process.
Knowing the most important essay assignments will help you to make this process more pleasant and not so painful. Among the main essay assignments one can find the following information.
Essay assignments for every student
The process of working on student’s essay may include the following essay assignments.

  • First of all you have to form the thesis statement of your future essay. This is the logically structured sentence that reflects the main purpose of writing. It can be called the most important assignment of the essay. The thesis statement should be clear. Its structure should not be overloaded.
  • Secondly, you should brainstorm your ideas in the form of short phrases or coherent text. This essay assignment will provide you with appropriate ideas and the form of their presentation. Then you may write the draft paper. That will be the first variant of your essay.
  • If you have completed the previous tasks you may start writing your essay as a final variant. Another assignment of the essay is creating interesting and coherent piece of writing. On this stage you have to pay attention to the vocabulary and grammar you use.

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Many countries have already abolished the capital punishment because they consider it an amoral and inhuman action. However, there remain many countries that are still sentencing people to death.
With regard to this, an essay on death penalty should be of an argumentative type, which means that students should defend one point of view only. An argumentative essay on death penalty should present persuasive arguments and evidence supporting one’s point of view.
How to write a brilliant essay on death penalty?

  1. If you agree that capital punishment should be abolished, you should provide at least three arguments that serve as a viable approval of your opinion. In your essay on death penalty, you should mention moral underpinnings of this action, which can also be called a killing in its nature. An essay on death penalty can reveal religious frictions concerning this issue. In particular, you should emphasize that people do not have right to deprive other people of life because it is prohibited by the Bible. By committing this legal killing, you become a killer.
  2. If you disagree that sentencing criminal death is the only way out, you should take the opposite side of the dispute. In particular, your essay on death penalty should highlight that there are people who do not deserve leaving even being sentenced to life imprisonment. Your essay on death penalty should also prove that there is not sense of holding this person in prison because there is no chance for his improvement and realization of mistakes he/she has done.

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Those students who want to connect their lives with dentistry should first present a brilliant dental essay for entering a dental school. However, in order to succeed in writing, an excellent command of language is not enough for reaching this goal. Hence, a dental essay should not only be written perfectly, but also present some original and attractive ideas that are worth reading and discussing.
Perfects sources that can be used for writing a hilarious dental essay:
Students should remember that an informative dental essay should be presented in a cohesive and logical way where one idea smoothly flows into another. For achieving these purposes, a student should observe the following rules:

  1. Students should comprehend that there a lot of applicants who get a high grade. Therefore, you dental essay should attention-grabbing and interesting. A good dental essay starts with choosing a good topic that should be powerful and meaningful. Compile a bright title; this will help to attract attention of the admission committee, which is half the battle.
  2. They should not be too wordy. A perfect dental essay should be laconic, well-though, meaningful. An introduction should not be too long. Instead, students should provide more examples in the main body of your dental essay.
  3. Finally, it is necessary to follow certain requirements and instructions provided by the admission committee. A high quality dental essay is the one that perfectly meets the examiners’ needs.

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In the holistic study of mankind which is called anthropology, there are four significant fields. Each of them has its own influence on humanity and on the way people comprehend their existence.
One of such fields aims at evaluating a cultural background of humankind and studying cultural variations which may change economic and even political processes in our everyday life. This field is called cultural anthropology, and writing a cultural anthropology essay is one of the most frequent assignments of a course according to which student knowledge may be evaluated.
Writing a cultural anthropology essay may become a rather challenging assignment for some students, and to make it easier, let us share several hints with you.

  1. Think about deadlines and try to start writing your cultural anthropology essay in two of three days before a deadline;
  2. Never start writing a cultural anthropology essay in case you do not have enough information to present and enough desire to work;
  3. Use different methods to disclose the chosen topic (as a rule, cultural anthropologists prefer to rely on observations, surveys, or numerous interviews);
  4. Add several definitions to your cultural anthropology essay because anthropology is a study that explains how human life develops, and definitions make our understanding easier;
  5. Understand the essence of cultural anthropology before you start writing a cultural anthropology essay.

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Every person is an architect of one’s own fortunes. Every life choice is meaningful and consequential. Using custom term paper writing services may have positive or negative consequences, depending on your attitude to it. Turning in an A+ paper by all means becomes an end in itself for some learners.
But it is important to bear in mind that the primary purpose of any assignment is development of one’s skills working on it. Custom term paper writing service can be useful for improving your writing skills on the condition that you expand the work.
Some students swallow the bait and do not work on their essays received from custom term paper writing services. In fact, they become their own enemies, depriving themselves of opportunity to improve their writing skills. Using custom term paper writing service can be beneficial if the learner adapts the work to one’s own writing style.
Practical guide for enhancing effectiveness of custom term paper writing

  1. Make sure to inform the academic writer about your proficiency level. If the work is overcomplicated, the teacher may guess that you used custom term paper writing.
  2. Make sure to consult dictionaries and reference books if some terms are unknown to you. Using custom term paper writing service can broaden your outlook.
  3. Paraphrase prolonged sentences and try to adapt them to your own writing style. Just do not go too far simplifying the work received from custom term paper writing service.

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