Thinking is skilled work. It is not true that we are naturally endowed with the ability to think clearly and logically – without learning how, or without practicing (Alfred Mander).
Indeed, the art of critical thinking is conceived through hard work and incredible persistence. Students are aware of the importance of this acquired ability for critical essay writing. It is often accompanied by excellent writing skills and profound knowledge on different set expressions. For those who do not know, a critical thinking essay is used to present some arguments and to support them with personal experience and empirical observations.
What are the main components of critical thinking essays?

  1. Thorough study of critical sources, ongoing reading of original texts will contribute to a better presentation you own critical thinking essay.
  2. Taking the negative side is always challenging. Your critical thinking essay can provide different angles of a problem. In case you take various sides of a debate, you will have a chance to endow your critical thinking essay with a deeper understanding of the topic.
  3. Critical thinking itself is the keystone to success. Therefore, your critical thinking essay should be imbued with deeply analyzed points, including their philosophical and psychological analysis.

Possible topics for critical thinking essays
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Whether you enjoy writing or not, you will face numerous writing assignments at college. Writing a college research paper has a range of peculiarities. In this article, we list the points that a college student should consider to write successful college research papers.
College research papers require choosing good research topics.
A good college research paper topic should contain an interesting research question. In your research, do not limit yourself to studying the matters like “what A is” or “which kinds of B exist”. It sounds a bit awkward, but is nevertheless true: for a successful research, you need to do a preliminary research. Look through numerous information sources on your topic and take notes on what questions you could work on in a college research paper.
Your college research paper topic should be interesting for you and correspond to the level of your background and research skills; otherwise, you may not cope with it successfully. Make your topic clear and not too broad.
College research papers require appropriate work with information.
In your college research paper, you should demonstrate your skills of working with information sources. Particularly, you should be able to:

  1. Find enough relevant information for your college research paper
  2. Select reliable sources to use in your research
  3. Work with the information: analyze, compare etc
  4. Make own conclusions on the basis of the used information

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Environmental issues are considered to be the most disputable and current in modern scientific world. Everybody agrees that we should live in harmony with nature. Nevertheless, we continue to pollute the water, air and ground. This process seems to be endless and usual. Car pollution is also quite a burning issue in the context of environmental topics. Thus, if you are to perform a car pollution essay do not be disappointed. This theme is not limited; you may dedicate your car pollution essay to many interesting phenomena.
Car pollution essay: Space for imagination
Every topic for essay gives the author some space for imagination. Car pollution essay is also not an exception. Writing on such a topic you will gain confidence as this is something you are aware about. Thus, if you start working on the car pollution essay try to find some interesting angle and look on the existent problem with fresh thoughts. There are some suggestions for performing successful and compatible car pollution essays:

  1. If you are strong in the car technologies you may dedicate your car pollution essay to the petrol saving techniques which are aimed at reducing gas fumes. If you have flair to understanding the principles of mechanisms this idea will be perfect for you.
  2. If you are more interested in the car pollution impact on nature and chemistry you have the chance to write the car pollution essay on the chemical analysis if fumes, etc.
  3. The human factor is also important in car pollution essay. People do not want to use petrol saving tools or the alternative sources of energy. People’s indifference to the life of future generations is also a great topic for the car pollution essay.
  4. Moreover, you may compare car pollution and air pollution and indicate the rate of both of them.

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An average student is the one trying to combine several life affairs at a time. Have you ever drunk a cup of coffee along with preparing for book review? Apparently it is so, if you are reading this article. Modern students have to do get involved in several activities at a time which implacably leads to time pressure. Getting closer to the topic, we are ready to claim that custom papers are a good way out of time shortage problem.
However, when choosing to order one, a student needs to pick the service captiously. Sometimes cheap custom essays may serve a great deal of troubles to a student. So, we are going to tell you what happens if you order a cheap custom essay in 12 hours.
Cheap Custom Essay Buying Outcomes:

  1. Plagiarism is the main issue you should think of when ordering a cheap custom essay. Most likely but not necessarily your paper will contain lots of plagiarizes instances. You would not wish that happen.
  2. Cheap custom essays are usually delayed in delivery. Meaning, if you did not think of putting the prolonged deadline in advance then you are getting into trouble with submission.
  3. Do not rely on cheap custom essays entirely. Very often customers do not have a chance to get a rough draft, so when getting a final version of the cheap custom essay get ready for surprises!

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Peculiarities of the research subject
Bacteria are considered to be the most ancient microorganisms on earth. These one-cell creatures can be found everywhere on the globe. Working on a bacteria essay, a learner might focus on peculiarities of various types of these organisms or consequences of their activity.
Though usually these microorganisms cannot be seen without a microscope, large colonies are visible even for unaided eye. The fact is that bacteria can survive even under unfavorable conditions and have a significant impact on the state of other living beings. A student should focus on nature of these creatures working on a bacteria essay.
The peculiarities of these microorganisms complicate the process of their research significantly. Working on one’s bacteria essay, a learner has a wide range of interesting research questions at one’s disposal. It is possible to shed light upon the history of bacteria researches or various diseases caused by bacteria colonies. Bacteria essay provides the learners with an opportunity to use the latest technological achievements of the research process.
Tips for writing a bacteria essay

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Becoming a good essay writer is a continuous process, and the more a student practices, the more rules he/she discovers. If you are new to essay writing, you also need to have something to begin with: basic essay writing tips. We offer you some basic essay writing rules that can be helpful for beginning essay writers.
Basic Essay Writing Rules: Rule 1
Keep your writing style formal. In other words, this basic essay writing rule is all about distinguishing academic writing and writing blog posts. Avoid colloquialisms (such as “isn’t”, beginning a sentence with “well” or “so”, slang words etc), excessive expressiveness (“the best painter in the world”, “his deed is disgusting”).
Basic Essay Writing Rules: Rule 2
Choose a proper balance of personality and objectivity. As a rule, both components are present in an essay; however, in different cases, their “proportion” will differ. For example, if you write a protein synthesis essay, you will be hardly expected to provide some personal opinion. You will just have to describe the process in your own words in order to show how you understood it. However, if you write an essay like “My favorite picture”, you should focus on your own feelings and thoughts, though you will need to provide some background about a picture. This basic essay writing rule will help you to be genuine, but persuasive, which is appreciated in essay writing.
Basic Essay Writing Rules: Rule 3
Vary sentence structure. This basic essay writing rule will help you to put your essay writing at a higher level at once. If you find it difficult at the moment, revise the rules: you can simply learn them by heart and use successfully. This basic essay writing rule is about a little effort, but big results.
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Probably, art is one of the most fascinating inventions of the mankind. In many senses, essay writing is also a kind of art. Write essays about art, turn essay writing into art, and enjoy your essay writing.
Art and Essay: Topic Ideas
We have prepared a list of art essay topics for you. They touch upon the essence of art and its role in our world.

  • Art and essay: topic 1. Is understanding of art as a skill that requires practicing?
  • Art and essay: topic 2. My favorite genre in painting
  • Art and essay: topic 3. How art makes our world better
  • Art and essay: topic 4. How has the role of art been evolving?
  • Art and essay: topic 5. Is modern art too commercial?
  • Art and essay: topic 6. Art therapy and its advantages
  • Art and essay: topic 7. An artist’s personality and his/her works of art
  • Art and essay: topic 8. Global and local issues in the modern art
  • Art and essay: topic 9. Graffiti art: the mirror of our time
  • Art and essay: topic 10. If I was a painter

Art and Essay: Hints on Making Your Paper a Piece of Art

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Life is full of surprises and unexpected events. Some people are not able to appreciate what they have until they lose it. People are free to choose and there is always a chance to take another way instead of being doomed to a certain destiny. Academic writing helps students develop their writing skills in order to be able to structure their thoughts and change the formulation.
After several editions the paper is sure to present your ideas as they should have been stated from the very beginning. Sometimes, the initial argument is very weak and needs to be changed. In this respect, the whole paper should be rewritten in accordance with the argument. Argumentative essays are based on arguments and evidence.
Approximate Structure for Argumentative Essays
As a rule, argumentative essays contain a certain argument that should be supported or refuted, or both. This can be done in several ways regarding the number of arguments for and against the suggested concept or event for argumentative essays. You can give an overview of the idea in the introductory part and make a conclusion in the concluding part of your argumentative essays. The main body of your argumentative essays differs in terms of the way of presentation of supporting and refutation arguments.
Variants of the Main Body of Argumentative Essays
The main body of your argumentative essays can be structured in different ways regarding the way you present the arguments and evidence.

  1. Argument pro
    • Evidence one
    • Evidence two
    • Evidence three
  2. Argument pro
    • Evidence one
    • Evidence two
    • Evidence three
  3. Argument against presented with supportive evidences

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Some people fall ill when they feel that their environment is ill or aggressive. Mental health and our emotions are closely connected to our physical state. When a person feels some physical pain, he/she is likely to experience anxiety, aggressiveness, irritation, and other negative emotions that can be the reasons for feeling physical pain.
In this respect, we have got a circle where emotional, mental, and physical health makes an individual happy and healthy. Art therapy is a method to heal individual that experience some problems in their emotional, mental, or physical health. Art therapy essays are aimed at discussing the effectiveness of this approach and its possible innovations.

  1. You can dwell on the arts appropriate for art therapy in art therapy essays. Discuss different types of assignments that can bring a relief to emotionally ill patients in art therapy essays.
  2. You can focus on a certain art and discuss different expressions of the patients’ emotions with the help of drawing or sculpture in art therapy essays. Emphasize the color choice for emotionally unstable patients in art therapy essays.
  3. It is possible to consider effectiveness of different arts in terms of improvements in the health of patients in art therapy essays.
  4. Gardening, use of animals, and interpretation of the colors used by patents can be assessed in art therapy essays in terms of their effectiveness and relevance to mental disorders.
  5. History of development of art therapy interventions established by different researchers can be emphasized in art therapy essays.

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Writing a 500 word essay on respect may cause a number of challenges for students with different levels of knowledge. On the one hand, not much information should be presented, and student research is hardly important in this kind of work. On the other hand, a 500 word essay on respect should present and disclose one issue in a clear and informative way: a student should use space properly and avoid the use of too general words.
Essentials of Writing a 500 word Essay on Respect

  • A structure is required (Introduction – Main Body – Conclusion);
  • Tutor’s instructions have to be met (necessary format, style, sources, etc.);
  • An issue should be presented and disclosed;
  • Several citations have to be used properly if it is required.

Word Count in Your 500 Word Essay on Respect
Though the theme of respect is not that difficult, more challenges appear when the time to introduce a topic comes. To create a successful 500 word essay on respect, you should better divide this 500 word essay on respect into several logical parts and think about the number of words to use. As an example, your 500 word essay on respect may look like this:

  1. Introduction – 80 words
  2. Main Body
    • First supporting paragraph – 110 words
    • Second supporting paragraph – 110 words;
    • Third supporting paragraph – 120 words.
  3. Conclusion – 80 words

Peculiarities of a Successful 500 Word Essay on Respect

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