A literature dissertation works best when it identifies and successfully argues a new way of looking at one or more pieces of literature. Sometimes a literature dissertation might compare two seemingly disparate works of literature and show how they actually resemble one another closely.
Numerous ideas for literature dissertations exist. If you need to develop a literature dissertation for one of your classes, have a look at this list of ideas:
Ideas for literature dissertations using literary criticism theories:

  1. Employ a Marxist reading of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth and write a dissertation for literature about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as the proletariat revolutionaries and Macduff as the epitome of the bourgeoisie mentality
  2. Employ a Marxist reading of the relationship between Lydia and Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice and explain why their actions denote a Marxist revolution
  3. Apply the Marxist theory of alienation to the relationship between Prince Hal and Falstaff in Henry IV and V
  4. Conduct a feminist reading and interpretation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, placing particular emphasis on the character of Clover and her relationship with Napoleon and Snowball
  5. Conduct a feminist reading of the major works of the Brontë sisters Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, placing special emphasis on sexuality

Compose several literature dissertations using the theories of various proponents of psychoanalytic theory including Freud and Jung:

  • Conduct a Jungian interpretation of Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Explain how Alice is the archetypal hero who undergoes the archetypal journey
  • Conduct a Freudian interpretation of Moby Dick, placing special emphasis on the relationship between Captain Ahab and the whale as a fetish object

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Musicology dissertations must be written with great attention and concentration. This type of dissertation is not like the other types of dissertations. Unless, students put some real effort, it is not possible to write high quality musicology dissertations. It is must to have clear knowledge about how to write such dissertations.
When writing musicology dissertations, it is necessary to analyze a particular criminal event. This article aims to give useful ideas regarding musicology dissertation.
Musicology dissertations: Points to consider
When writing musicology dissertations, students must remember the following things:

  • It is better to consider one of the widespread criminal problems in society.
  • It will be interesting and effective to write this type of dissertation only if students are ready to spend more time.
  • A good topic selection and careful research are the primary requirements need for writing effective dissertation.

Musicology dissertations: Some tips to consider
In order to write great musicology dissertations, students can consider the following tips:

  1. It is best to explain the extent, reasons and the way to overcome a criminal behavior being discussed in the dissertation.
  2. It is must to know complete details about the rules and regulations for writing such dissertation.
  3. It is must to know complete details about the structure and format for writing such dissertation.

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Writing an essay on the death penalty is a very important task. You will have an opportunity to study this controversial issue in detail and to formulate your grounded opinion. We offer you some tips for writing an essay on the death penalty and essay topic ideas.
Essay on the Death Penalty: Topic Ideas

  1. Should the death penalty be banned?
  2. Is a possibility of wrongful conviction a sufficient reason to abolish the death penalty?
  3. Why does the death penalty still exist in the USA?
  4. Is the death penalty revenge, a punishment or the way to prevent future crimes?
  5. Which crimes should be punished with the death penalty?
  6. The death penalty and Christianity
  7. Pros and cons of the death penalty
  8. The death penalty and the human rights
  9. Should the death penalty be applied to juvenile offenders?
  10. Public opinion on the death penalty in the USA

Essay on the Death Penalty: Writing Tips
The death penalty is a very controversial topic, and there are two opposite points of view on it. Nevertheless, both of them deserve understanding and respect. Make sure you have understood the position of both sides and their arguments before you write your essay on death penalty.
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Many countries have already abolished the capital punishment because they consider it an amoral and inhuman action. However, there remain many countries that are still sentencing people to death.
With regard to this, an essay on death penalty should be of an argumentative type, which means that students should defend one point of view only. An argumentative essay on death penalty should present persuasive arguments and evidence supporting one’s point of view.
How to write a brilliant essay on death penalty?

  1. If you agree that capital punishment should be abolished, you should provide at least three arguments that serve as a viable approval of your opinion. In your essay on death penalty, you should mention moral underpinnings of this action, which can also be called a killing in its nature. An essay on death penalty can reveal religious frictions concerning this issue. In particular, you should emphasize that people do not have right to deprive other people of life because it is prohibited by the Bible. By committing this legal killing, you become a killer.
  2. If you disagree that sentencing criminal death is the only way out, you should take the opposite side of the dispute. In particular, your essay on death penalty should highlight that there are people who do not deserve leaving even being sentenced to life imprisonment. Your essay on death penalty should also prove that there is not sense of holding this person in prison because there is no chance for his improvement and realization of mistakes he/she has done.

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In the holistic study of mankind which is called anthropology, there are four significant fields. Each of them has its own influence on humanity and on the way people comprehend their existence.
One of such fields aims at evaluating a cultural background of humankind and studying cultural variations which may change economic and even political processes in our everyday life. This field is called cultural anthropology, and writing a cultural anthropology essay is one of the most frequent assignments of a course according to which student knowledge may be evaluated.
Writing a cultural anthropology essay may become a rather challenging assignment for some students, and to make it easier, let us share several hints with you.

  1. Think about deadlines and try to start writing your cultural anthropology essay in two of three days before a deadline;
  2. Never start writing a cultural anthropology essay in case you do not have enough information to present and enough desire to work;
  3. Use different methods to disclose the chosen topic (as a rule, cultural anthropologists prefer to rely on observations, surveys, or numerous interviews);
  4. Add several definitions to your cultural anthropology essay because anthropology is a study that explains how human life develops, and definitions make our understanding easier;
  5. Understand the essence of cultural anthropology before you start writing a cultural anthropology essay.

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Environmental issues are considered to be the most disputable and current in modern scientific world. Everybody agrees that we should live in harmony with nature. Nevertheless, we continue to pollute the water, air and ground. This process seems to be endless and usual. Car pollution is also quite a burning issue in the context of environmental topics. Thus, if you are to perform a car pollution essay do not be disappointed. This theme is not limited; you may dedicate your car pollution essay to many interesting phenomena.
Car pollution essay: Space for imagination
Every topic for essay gives the author some space for imagination. Car pollution essay is also not an exception. Writing on such a topic you will gain confidence as this is something you are aware about. Thus, if you start working on the car pollution essay try to find some interesting angle and look on the existent problem with fresh thoughts. There are some suggestions for performing successful and compatible car pollution essays:

  1. If you are strong in the car technologies you may dedicate your car pollution essay to the petrol saving techniques which are aimed at reducing gas fumes. If you have flair to understanding the principles of mechanisms this idea will be perfect for you.
  2. If you are more interested in the car pollution impact on nature and chemistry you have the chance to write the car pollution essay on the chemical analysis if fumes, etc.
  3. The human factor is also important in car pollution essay. People do not want to use petrol saving tools or the alternative sources of energy. People’s indifference to the life of future generations is also a great topic for the car pollution essay.
  4. Moreover, you may compare car pollution and air pollution and indicate the rate of both of them.

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Art is one of the most interesting subjects to research as it is very inspiring and captivating. However, when it takes to writing art history dissertations, students often get frustrated. The reason is that they have to deal with loads of material that should be formatted and structured. Moreover, it sometimes poses a difficulty to choose some specific topic for an art history dissertation. To help students to produce an excellent and informative art history dissertation, this article provides important steps in writing.
Ideas for art history dissertations topics
Writing art history dissertations is a very time-consuming process. Sometimes, students may experience setbacks but on the whole, this process should bring the feeling of content. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that would satisfy the student and would inspire him/her to write. Here are some possible topics for art history dissertations:

  • Art and culture: relations and influence;
  • Art of the 20th century (17th, 18th, 19th, etc.);
  • Innovative and modern art;
  • Art and architecture;
  • Famous figures in the art of certain epoch;
  • Ancient art;
  • Art deco;
  • Avant-garde;
  • Italian art;
  • Some comparative investigations.

It is clear to see that the list of art history dissertations topics is unlimited. Any student may pick any period of art history, any masterpiece or any artist and conduct a research on it.
Possible art history dissertation writing procedure
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economic assignmentsOn the one hand, we are all involved in various economic processes day after day. We buy and sell things, we have to get adapted to changing prices, somebody decides to start up or stop own business, and so on.
On the other hand, when it comes to completing economics assignments, everything seems so complicated, and you feel absolutely unfamiliar with some economic processes.
Obviously, you face this particular problem right now. You have to prepare an economic assignment but have no idea what it should be about and how to get it done in general. Our writers are glad to present you several really fascinating methods of coming up with simple ideas for economics assignments that directly relate to the subject, are clear and familiar to you, so you will not have much trouble covering these ideas.
Economics assignments: idea 1
Make a list of things that you want. Just write anything that you want to have or do. Then, point out what items you actually can have, taking into account resources you possess. Such approach will help you cover the concept of scarcity in your economic assignment.
Economics assignments: idea 2
Go to a local music store. Pay attention to various music genres presented in the store and check how much space is given in the store for each genre. In this way, you will be able to explain a consumer demand concept in your economics assignment.
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film studies dissertationAlthough writing a thesis or dissertation is one of the most challenging academic experiences, we are sure that you will like working on a dissertation or thesis in film studies.
The world of cinematography is exciting and multifaceted, which will definitely make your experience of writing the film studies dissertation unique. However, you will also face the same difficulties as all other dissertation writers. You will have to take some typical steps that are necessary to end up with a successful project.
We want to discuss some of these steps right now, particularly choosing topics for dissertations in film studies, organizing, and conducting research.
How to come up with a great topic idea for a film studies dissertation
Selecting a topic for your dissertation in film studies might be one of the most difficult choices to make. Sure, you can go an easy way and choose something from the list of dissertation topics provided by an advisor.
Yet, we are sure that working on your film studies dissertation will be more fascinating if you investigate the topic of your own choice. Thus, take time and think about the following:

  • your favorite movies;
  • favorite film genres;
  • favorite directors and actors, etc.

All these items can be transformed into a great topic for your film studies dissertation.
How to carry out research for a film studies dissertation
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critical review literatureLet us point out right from the start that a critical literature review is a task that many students hate completing. First, it is rather time-consuming work. Second, it is also a bit nervous too, because evaluating works written by some scholars who seem to be much smarter than you are is confusing a little.
Making critical reviews of literature on various subjects is one of the typical college assignments, by the way. Besides, it will be an obligatory part of your graduate project. This is why forget about some confusing feelings you might have and learn how to prepare a critical literature review.
Basic guidelines for making critical literature reviews

  • As a rule, professors ask to make reviews 20-30 pages long;
  • They also ask to use not less than 15 sources in a critical literature review;
  • Finally, professors expect you to show some very important skills like critical thinking, an ability to analyze information, etc.

How to evaluate scientific works critically
Probably, this is the main question you have about making critical literature reviews. How exactly should you criticize and evaluate scholarly works? Are there some criteria you can use? Certainly, such criteria exist, and we have listed them below.
Author of the work
Your evaluation of the work should start with its author. Is it a reputable scholar whose name is recognized in the academic community? What are his/her previous works? If you know nothing about the author, perhaps this work should not be included into your critical literature review.
Content of the work
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