If you like to watch movies, you should have a favorite one. Every movie has its strong and weak points as well as some bright aspects for discussion. You can like some movies based on real facts from human history and dislike other based on the same facts.
In this respect, it is necessary to analyze what aspects guarantee success. The movie’s box-office receipts can certainly be considered a part of the audience’s evaluation. Moviegoers would not watch the movies that are boring. In this respect, it is reasonable to conclude that movies that have poor box-office receipts are not very good indeed.
A Harry Potter movie review is an overview of the movie, its plot, characters, director, shooting, and production that can persuade many moviegoers watch this movie.

  1. You can write your own Harry Potter movie review about the adventures of a young wizard.
  2. Your Harry Potter movie review can contain a brief summary of the movie. Besides, you can insert a step-by-step evaluation of every event in chronological sequence into your Harry Potter movie review.
  3. The most favorite character can be dwelled on in your Harry Potter movie review. Moreover, the favorite does not mean a positive one. You can focus on a negative character and his/her advantages before other wizards in your Harry Potter movie review.
  4. Effectiveness of presentation is one of the best concepts to emphasize in a Harry Potter movie review.

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Essays about art are one of the most interesting assignments that you have ever received. Perhaps, at this stage of writing, you think that essays about art may become a problem for you, but once you start writing at least the introduction, you will understand how wrong you have been.
Essays about art are not ordinary essays. They are masterpieces, which is why they should be created, rather than written. How can you achieve this? This article discussing the essays about art will help you in this!
Essays about art: how should they be written?

  • Start with choosing a topic. If you have not been given one, this is your chance to use your imagination: you may choose to write about colors, famous artists, a definite masterpiece (painting, sculpture, building, etc), and so on. Be creative in choosing topics for the essays about art!
  • Move on to the introduction. As soon as you start writing it, you will understand what your entire essay will be about. Write about the value of art in general – this is a great start for an essay. You may mention that art is life-changing for some people. This is the beauty of the essays about art – you may start with something very general and then gradually narrow your introduction to your thesis that will present your topic.
  • Write the body of your essay. Essays about art, like any essays, should have three or four paragraphs within their body.

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When students are assigned to write essays on murder, they try to choose some specific example and dwell upon it. Students know that to hand in a powerful essay, the idea should be perfect, catching and interesting. We are going to provide students with some interesting and innovative ideas on essays on murder on the basis of the books which describe some specific murders.
One of the main reasons why books, mostly mystery books, were chosen for the analysis is that in this case students’ essays on murder are going to consider some specific topic but not just general ideas and concepts.
Mystery books as the basis for students’ essays on murder

  1. Students’ essays on murder may pay attention to the book Murder in Grub Street by Bruce Alexander and dwell upon the fact that if a person is caught red-handed, he/she may be not a murder.
  2. Death Comes as the End is a book by Agatha Christie which may be a focus of students’ essays on murder. The book attracts attention by the fact that the actions take place in the ancient Egypt and the murder is covered with mystery and lack of information.
  3. Students may cast light on the story The Brown Hand by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Students may underline the problem of religion and real life in their essays on murder.
  4. It can be interesting to dwell upon Father Brown in students’ essays on murder. Many stories by Gilbert Keith Chesterton are written with the participation of this person.

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Writing an essay on the death penalty is a very important task. You will have an opportunity to study this controversial issue in detail and to formulate your grounded opinion. We offer you some tips for writing an essay on the death penalty and essay topic ideas.
Essay on the Death Penalty: Topic Ideas

  1. Should the death penalty be banned?
  2. Is a possibility of wrongful conviction a sufficient reason to abolish the death penalty?
  3. Why does the death penalty still exist in the USA?
  4. Is the death penalty revenge, a punishment or the way to prevent future crimes?
  5. Which crimes should be punished with the death penalty?
  6. The death penalty and Christianity
  7. Pros and cons of the death penalty
  8. The death penalty and the human rights
  9. Should the death penalty be applied to juvenile offenders?
  10. Public opinion on the death penalty in the USA

Essay on the Death Penalty: Writing Tips
The death penalty is a very controversial topic, and there are two opposite points of view on it. Nevertheless, both of them deserve understanding and respect. Make sure you have understood the position of both sides and their arguments before you write your essay on death penalty.
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When working on your essay every detail is of great importance. Indication of all the essay assignments is the first step of the piece of writing. Everything should be put in logical order and essay assignments also require a lot of attention. The working on essay is very scrupulous process.
Knowing the most important essay assignments will help you to make this process more pleasant and not so painful. Among the main essay assignments one can find the following information.
Essay assignments for every student
The process of working on student’s essay may include the following essay assignments.

  • First of all you have to form the thesis statement of your future essay. This is the logically structured sentence that reflects the main purpose of writing. It can be called the most important assignment of the essay. The thesis statement should be clear. Its structure should not be overloaded.
  • Secondly, you should brainstorm your ideas in the form of short phrases or coherent text. This essay assignment will provide you with appropriate ideas and the form of their presentation. Then you may write the draft paper. That will be the first variant of your essay.
  • If you have completed the previous tasks you may start writing your essay as a final variant. Another assignment of the essay is creating interesting and coherent piece of writing. On this stage you have to pay attention to the vocabulary and grammar you use.

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Many countries have already abolished the capital punishment because they consider it an amoral and inhuman action. However, there remain many countries that are still sentencing people to death.
With regard to this, an essay on death penalty should be of an argumentative type, which means that students should defend one point of view only. An argumentative essay on death penalty should present persuasive arguments and evidence supporting one’s point of view.
How to write a brilliant essay on death penalty?

  1. If you agree that capital punishment should be abolished, you should provide at least three arguments that serve as a viable approval of your opinion. In your essay on death penalty, you should mention moral underpinnings of this action, which can also be called a killing in its nature. An essay on death penalty can reveal religious frictions concerning this issue. In particular, you should emphasize that people do not have right to deprive other people of life because it is prohibited by the Bible. By committing this legal killing, you become a killer.
  2. If you disagree that sentencing criminal death is the only way out, you should take the opposite side of the dispute. In particular, your essay on death penalty should highlight that there are people who do not deserve leaving even being sentenced to life imprisonment. Your essay on death penalty should also prove that there is not sense of holding this person in prison because there is no chance for his improvement and realization of mistakes he/she has done.

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If you are one of those practicing engineers, who are eager to find some help and succeed in engineering report writing, this article will be more than useful to you. Engineering report writing is considered to be an important way by means of which students should convey their ideas, suggestions, and knowledge. It is crucial to be ready to develop writing and communication skills to demonstrate the best engineering report writing ever.
First step in engineering report writing
The development of an outline should be the step number one in your list:

  1. A Title Page with information about the writer and the course;
  2. Executive Summary where general evaluation of the work and research results is given;
  3. Introduction;
  4. Body, divided into theoretical and practical approaches and discussion part;
  5. Conclusion and recommendations;
  6. Reference list;
  7. Appendix, for example, the list with a brief glossary of the terms.

Second step in engineering report writing
There are several requirements which have to be met during the process of engineering report writing, and students should take into consideration all tutors’ words and suggestions:

  1. Required writing style;
  2. Format;
  3. Level of writing;
  4. Number of sources.

Third step in engineering report writing
When you think that your engineering report writing is over, you should remember about the importance of editing and proofreading. Your engineering report writing an be easily improved if you take the following steps:

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Downloadable research papers can be very helpful for students. However, there are some hints on using them properly. This article answers some questions students have about downloadable research papers.
Can I use downloadable research papers as writing format guides?
Downloadable research papers are not aimed at substituting format guides. This is even not about format mistakes: good research paper services offer downloadable research papers of high quality. We do not advise doing this for the following reasons:

  • The format used in a downloadable research paper may differ from that your assignment requires (for example, APA instead of MLA etc).
  • You may omit some minor details of format requirements when just copying the format from a downloadable research paper.
  • You teacher may include some additional format requirements into your assignment.

However, downloadable research papers can really help you to understand the peculiarities of research paper writing, structuring and formatting.
Can I submit a downloadable research paper?
Submitting downloadable research papers is what has caused problems for many students. Do not forget that downloadable research papers are easy to find and easy to download.
If you need some assistance with your research paper, read the downloadable research papers you have found and see whether their quality meets your requirements; then, order a custom research paper from this site.
How should I choose which downloadable research papers to read?
Downloadable research papers topics is the main criteria of a student’s choice. First, you will probably do your best to find downloadable research papers on the topic which is as close to yours as possible. Be ready that it is not always possible: teachers like giving assignments with the topics which require your independent work.
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In senior years of study, students are more absorbed with difficult assignments and numerous courses, not mentioning the outclass activities. However, this is the period when they have to write serious scientific research papers and dissertations.
Due to the fact that students are too busy, they often resort to different online services to search for dissertation samples. The problem is that the process of a dissertation search is not that easy, as it might seem at a glance. Hence, it is necessary to know several hints to simplify a dissertation search.
There are different methods to foster a dissertation search. You can choose the one that suits you most of all:
A dissertation search carried out according to the date:
This kind of a dissertation search is very effective, as you can look through recently uploaded dissertations on the Internet sites. This allows students to pursue the most demanding topics and problems that other students are exploring.
A dissertation search according to the title:
This method of a dissertation search is quite appropriate in case the year of a dissertation publication makes no difference to students.
A dissertation search according to the references used:
This way of a dissertation search is beneficial when students are in the search of reliable sources for their own works.
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Writing a dissertation can be nerve-racking task for most of the students. Such students must need some sort of dissertation help in order to start and write their dissertation successfully.
Students can get the dissertation help from dissertation consultants, sample dissertations offered by online writing services, dissertation writing course or books, and digital dissertations. Students can write better dissertations if they get some sort of dissertation aid besides getting the guidance from their professor.
Dissertation help: How they are useful for students?
Dissertation help guides the students in the following ways:

  • They help students to select the best topic for their dissertation.
  • They provide indispensable support to the students for developing the dissertation successfully.
  • They drive away the frustration and stress associated with dissertation writing process.
  • They help students to get an idea for writing their dissertation.
  • They help students to write a well-presented dissertation.

Dissertation help: How to use it effectively?
Students need to be careful while choosing any sort of help for dissertation.

  1. When using sample dissertations or digital dissertations, students must take care not to copy any content from the dissertations in order to avoid plagiarism.
  2. When using the help of a dissertation consultant, students must choose only trustworthy, reliable professional and qualified consultant.
  3. Students must not depend on the dissertation consultants or online writing services for writing their dissertation completely.

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